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    Can we drink mineral water instead of hot water?

    Mineral water is now touted as the best water available. It is sold in cans and bottles and happily purchased by the middle classes. There is another better version available -- the RO water, for which there are so many manufacturers. Even doctors say that RO water is the best.

    Be that as it may, for the millions who cannot afford the RO cost and live with whatever they get through the municipal water supply. What can they do? They normally buy the mineral water in cans, but this is not one hundred percent pure.

    When water is boiled, at what temperature should it be boiled? There are confusing opinions here. Members who know the technical details may please give their opinions.
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    The mineral water available in cans is very costly and not only the people of lower economic strata, but most of the middle-class people of India can't afford it on daily basis. At the same time, RO water is still not affordable. So, there is no other alternative excepting drinking water after boiling it and then cooling it before drinking.
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    It is always advisable to boil the water and then filter it and cool it to room temperature for drinking purposes. This water can be stored in pots or copper vessels. That will be very good. Mineral water is next to boiled and cooled water only. Mineral water may not be free from bacteria completely. But boiled water is free from all these bacterias also. So even doctors prefer this water over RO water. RO water purchased outside may not be completely treated also. Using plastic bottles for keeping this water is not advisable. Reuse of plastic bottles is also harmful. But if we have an RO plant in our house and we are maintaining it properly and keeping it in metal or clay pots, that is also Ok for drinking. These days many people suggest keeping a small lemon piece in the water storage containers. It helps in upkeeping our health.
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