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    Is this gender equality?

    In a so-called training program on Gender Equality, the speaker had asked the lady teachers present to drop their husbands name. For example, if the actual name is Sujatha Rajkumar, henceforth, she will be called only Ms.Sujatha.

    The trainer justified this rather confusing proposition, saying that men do not do the same. That is Mr Rajkumar should mention his name is Mr Rajkumar Sujatha.

    How far is this feasible? What will be the legal implications. Allowing women the space to grow is gender equality. Doing all baby sitting and spending sleepless nights by men, is gender equality. This is already being done by thousands of men in metros like Mumbai.

    The women now express themselves in so many ways today. Gender equality is virtually seen in so many families. Are we really promoting gender equality when we insist on women dropping the names of their husbands?
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    What I suggest is - There should be only one name for anyone from birth to death with the initials of their parents.
    For e.g. Cunny is the name of the individual. His Father's name is Sunny, and his mother's name is Funny.
    So, the individual should write his name as S.F. Cunny (Sunny Funny Cunny). Same thing should be applicable to females too.
    For e.g. The Lady's name is Rani. Her Father's name is Raja, and mother's name is Jaya. She should write her name as RJ Rani(Raja Jaya Rani).

    There should not be any name change for a lady after her marriage. No need to add her husbands's name. When required the lady can write her details as
    Ms. RJ Rani (or) Raja Jaya Rani
    W/O SF Cunny (or)Sunny Funny Cunny.

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    There should not be any change in the name of the lady after marriage. It can be left to the decision of the individual. In my opinion gender equality means every person irrespective of their gender should be allowed to pursue their desires. But in between wife and husband there should be understanding and adjustability. Then only they can live together for long without any problems. If we fight and compete with each other we can't have peace of life. Many times when somebody is not in good mood, the other person should understand and try to be cool so that the issue will not become big.
    In a family if we talk of rules and regulations it will be also like a business.

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    The initials of the lady remains permanent with the names of her parents, whereas a lady's husbands name may be permanent or temporary in this present world where love doesn't last for long after the marriage. What would happen if a divorce takes place? Will the lady carry the same name of her husband? Let us not talk about gender equality in writing our names.
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    I fail to understand why do we still give so much importance to the name. Is it worth all our time and energy?

    A man or woman is truly known by the character he or she posses. Name, fame or status is just as temporary as any moment.

    Further, those who talk too much about Gender equality still don't known or see the fact. The fact is, every individual is unique and part of nature. Nature never distinguishes things as good or bad, beautiful or ugly, low or high, pure or impure.

    Everything just exists without any tag. Man and woman are neither equal nor unequal. They are just as they are.

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    Name is very important. We have our names for our identity only. It should not be used for gender equality and get confused. We cannot have too many identity with the names of parents and names of husbands, but only a single identity. Name should say - This individual(name) is son/daughter of so and so couple. That's all.
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    Gender equality is not possible by all these means. Gender equality will be possible only when weaker sex becomes equal in education, in finance and in physical ability. If this doesn't happen, gender equality won't come. It is the simple and plain truth.
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    Name is not all important. For your identity, there will be a number called Adhaar number. You can tattoo it in your hand or anywhere. In future you will be called by that number only.

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    Firstly, Kindly edit your ISC profile by entering your Aadhar ID number against the name column and delete the word Neeraj. Let us see the non importance of your name and importance of you Aadhar ID No.

    @ I mean - The other meaning of name is identity. Name means - a word or words by which someone or something is known, addressed or referred, A person is identified by his name only. A person without a name is 'Anonymous'

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    Of course, it is; after all, women taking the husband's name is part of a tradition, and traditions were generally designed to restrict and control women.

    The tradition is, in fact, regressive, because it doesn't allow the woman her own identity. Adding the husband's name to a woman's name is akin to declaring ownership. The name doesn't change the status of the union, so why is it required?

    Couples get married according to rituals, as per their religion, and I do not think there is any religious ritual where the one conducting the marriage changes the name of the woman, by removing her maiden name and adding the husband's surname.

    Yes, education and financial stability will bring about equality. But, first let's begin to identify women as individuals and let them be their own person. Where is there gender equality, if a husband, in-laws or society decides the name a woman should carry.

    There are some cultures (in Indian society) where the woman's first name is also changed post marriage. I know of women, who were renamed after marriage – and these names are not hypocoristic in nature, the new names are entered in official records.

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    Lately "Feminism" is on large. I'm for woman empowerment and against "Feminism". "Feminism" is useless. It's as useless as an umbrella underwater. Modern "feminists" are stupid and cringeworthy. Raja Ram Mohan Roy was a feminist. Durgabhai Deshmukh was a feminist. They tried their best to empower women and remove their stigma.

    But "feminists" keep forcing court into making useless rules that only get controversial results.

    I don't know about other states. But in Tamilnadu women have their father's name as a surname until they get married, then they inherit their husband's name. Is this wrong anyway? How is this patronising patriarchy?
    It is a ritual, a tradition. An identity. A manner inculcated or introduced to show family values. To show that husband and wife are not different but the same. Now these insane "feminists" want to drop that habit? I don't even know what to say anymore. Anger would be an understatement. If this becomes a law I would be ready to lead a revolt against this law.

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    It is a tradition that ladies add their husbands surname to their name after the marriage.

    This is not a good proposition as it brings a change of name and is to be corrected now at various places.

    So best thing is they should not change their names after marriage. The names of children can be fixed depending upon the feelings and consensus of their parents.

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    It is only the modern and educated family from the urban area follow the practice of adding their hubby's name to their name. It is not followed by the rural women. I am from a rural area. My mother never wrote or said my father's name along with her name. Rural women won't spell the name of their husbands. They feel shy to utter the name of their husband directly or indirectly.

    For. e.g. One of my aunt's husband name is Sankarasubbu. Uppu in Tamil means salt. So, she will never utter the word uppu. Her alternate name for salt is - Kadal seeni (Sea sugar)

    My neighbour lady's mother-in-law's name is - Meenakshi. Meen in Tamil means fish. She won't utter the word Meen, She would say 'Kadal Vazhaikkai (Sea Banana)

    Is it not quite interesting!

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    We can't deny of the fact that our society is bound to follow the terms & conditions for few of the aspects like in the present context. For sure that this shows the presence of society being governed by the manhood. This has been the tradition so far & will be getting carried forwarded onto the coming generations.

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