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    What can't we ban this dangerous rummy online business?

    Rummy, one is told, is something like gambling. There are even actors who seem to be advertising a particular online rummy business. Is this not spoiling the society in a big way?

    Why should we encourage these kinds of games? Already playing cards was and is considered a big waste of time in so many families. They associate playing cards with gambling and one is told that such gambling with cards is still on.

    Why does the Government not do anything at all? This is a ridiculous gamble that is going on. Why can't we right away ban this online business?
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    Rummy has been declared a game of skill by the Supreme court. This is a recent judgement, it would do good to read about that and respond accordingly.

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    Rummy being allowed as per law also. It is a game like any other skill game. But playing rummy is not advisable. Chances of losing are more than gaining. Nobody will conduct games without getting profit. So we should not venture it. Even playing cards for fun with money is also not good. Many people lost lakhs of rupees in this game. I know who sold their lands by playing these cards with heavy stacks.
    One of my friends was a good player of rummy. He used to win the money every time. he purchased many books with the money he earned in this game while he was studying post graduation in the university.
    In our house, for fun, we will be playing cards but without money only. This is a good time pass.

    always confident

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