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    An amazing news! Library book returned after 120 years

    Just now I have got an amazing piece of information. I can't resist myself from sharing it with the other Members of ISC.

    ''The Microscope and its Revelations'', a book writtten by Dr William B Carpenter, was borrowed by a student of Hereford Cathedral School, Arthur Boycott, who attended the School between 1886 and 1894. Arthur Boycott later became a Professor. He was a distinguished naturalist and pathologist of his time.

    The book was discovered by his granddaughter Alice Gillett, who was sorting out her husband's book collection of 6000 books, after his death. She noticed the HCS Library stamp inside the book and decided to return it. She has stated that this was a really good book and she didn't understand how the school library managed without it.

    The book has been returned to the school library after 120 years. Thankfully the total fine of £7,446 (equivalent to approximately Rs. 6,68,000/- Indian Rupees) at the rate of 17 cents per day has been waived by the school management.
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    Very nice and unbelievable. There is a saying in Sanskrit which says the book gone to other hands is gone forever. Even it is returned, it will be in a completely distorted position they say. That is why many people hesitate to lend their book to others. But Libraries are for giving books only and from there, books will be taken by the members and will be returned after use.
    In this particular case, it is very nice to note that the granddaughter found the book in the house borrowed by his grandfather and returned to the library. A book in the library will be useful to many people. So we should not take away the book permanently from there. Some reference books which are outdated can be referred in some standard libraries only. So they are the valuable items and we should keep them properly. The library should thank that lady for returning the book.

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    I really appreciate the lady for returning the 120 year old book (printed in the year1898 or before) to the library. I do not know what would be the state of the book. I think, the paper and the printing material used were good to last long for hundred years. I have a old book of my father, printed in the year 1939. Its cost is only Rs. 2 and 8 Anas. Its pages have become papad now. Care is to be exercised to turn the pages of the book.
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    First of all I am not able to get convinced with one big doubt that books are going to brittle over the course of time and 120 years is a very long time for any book to be alive. How come that book was so protected and was in good shape as the silver fish would eat away the pages and they likely to turn as powder. Nevertheless I am floored by the information provided by the author for many reasons, that the library never bothered to get back the book, and when sincerity is shown by returning the book, hefty fine was imposed and that is too much punishment which must be contested in the court.
    K Mohan
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    No, Mr. Mohan, the hefty fine has been waived off by the School Library.
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    Funny. The fine is applicable only to the person who drew the book from the library. It is not applicable to the person who returns it sincerely. It should not be accounted and the fine should not be calculated and waived off. It should be considered as lost book, traced and found. Every year, the books are mustered and audited and a lost report is prepared.
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    A very interesting piece of information by the author. It is really remarkable that after such a long period a book is returned to the library.

    The lady who has returned the book to library has done a commendable job.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Partha leave about the fine, I am concerned about the life of the book. I strongly doubt any book having that much age and yet fit to be handled and read further ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    The book must be of very good quality. But even then, the pages must have become brittle. I think the book survived so long because its existence was forgotten, nobody touched the book and it was kept very carefully.

    Now this copy of the book will not be read. It will be preserved for its historical value.

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    Nice piece of information.

    I wonder how many books must be missing from our Indian libraries? Do we really have a record of that, and will they ever be returned?

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