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    You tube can be very dangerous too

    A parent was recently worried. Some video was put on you tube and it was live. It was a couple of students taking a selfie and jumping of the incoming train at a station. The passengers were seen shouting at the students, but in vain.

    Before the police could be called, the students had already vanished. Or so it seemed. The video, I was told then showed one of the two boys proudly claiming what a thrilling experience it was.

    One really does not know how far this was true,. The video was not shown to me. However, am told that there are some dangerous videos like this. A horrible conversation between a jilted lover and his girl, who had ditched him for whatever reason, is still on you tube, in Tamil.

    Why is that there is no check on what comes in? If we notice such videos, how does one contact the concerned authorities? How does one reach the authority through email? Or over phone?

    Yes, the bright side of you tube is that it is the Bible for young housewives who do not know cooking. Each and every recipe, it seems, is now available in all Indian languages. Many young girls who work also do cooking only by following the tube videos.
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    This is a genuine problem. The videos on youtube are not being edited by anyone. So we are seeing some unwanted videos also. This is a real cause of concern. Many such incidents are being reported in the media. At the same time, we are getting good videos which are giving good information about the values in life and ethics. As mentioned by the author there are good videos which are very useful for ladies. So a proper editing and then allowing them on the site for members may be a good idea. If youtube management thinks of this, it will be a good development.
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    Social media has become the nasty adda for all these hopeless workmanship being thrown as challenge and the young and youth are easily falling pray to it. There was a kiki challenge through which one has to dance while getting down from the driving seat of the car and that should be moving. Just imagine the person must dance seeing the camera, and not the traffic or whatsoever. So people have been hit by on lookers. hit by the trees and poles and got injured. And another nasty challenge was the fire challenger ,, to which one has to set ablaze themselves and show the degree of burn through the video. These things are nothing but inviting the trouble to the good life and the law enforcing agencies must ban such videos. The central government must also convene a meeting of Google, Facebook , Youtube heads and order them to remove such videos otherwise the services would be banned.
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    The danger you are referring to pales in comparision with the "recommended" section. YouTube's search algorithm is very very flawed. YouTube relies on the updated category of the video and hashtags to suggest you the videos. And you know who suffer from this the most? Little children. Parents let their children to browse free on YouTube. These children are innocently watching videos about rhymes. They are looking for animations and cartoons. But recently there has been many disturbing contents on YouTube being posted under category "education" or "children" or "cartoons" which show up as recommended in YouTube home page.

    That is why using YouTube Kids instead of regular YouTube is extremely important. I myself have witnessed adult content on YouTube being posted under "entertainment and education" category, easily slipping its way through filters and finding my suggestion list. This way YouTube can eventually be a very bad influence to under developed minds.

    And there are always these useless challenges on YouTube. Foolish ones fall into the trap and ruin their lives. Gullible people fall for fake news. We must act using common sense while tredging the unknown realms.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Youtube is like a dictionary to refer each and everything that you wish to know. May it be education, politics, society, entertainment, cinema, cooking, sex etc etc etc, and what not and all that we know and don't know. It is open to all ages and both sexes.

    @ Youtube is good and bad, but very bad for the children.

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    With the internet available as free to any of us, the problem is that about how far you would like to go for because the internet is an ocean & youtube.com is just a part of it. What you can find out in the youtube.com can also be find out elsewhere too. And therefore best way is to educate ourselves so as to make ourselves responsible in order to carry out the same onto the others.

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    Now a days Social media very popular.It is useful for knowledge aswellas it can spoil students life. there is unwanted videos which cannot be edited,this will be make harm to innocent pupil.similary there is a huge importantce for good videos which is useful for everyone.
    As author mentioned,there is a technology which can be use for gain and lose.moreover the message is spreadinng very fast. Social media has become popular and it can be useful many ways,but we must prevent from innocent kids.

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