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    ISC's Social Hub is not used for the purpose

    You all are aware of the ISC's Social Hub. What is its Use? How do you make use of this Social Hub?

    I find only the information - Cash earning changed from Rs........(.) 99 percent of the social hub messages contain the same information on cash earning only. Why?

    What is the main purpose of ISC's Social Hub section?

    I use this section sincerely to post my absence from ISC.
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    We can do that. I never so far posted on the Social Hub section. If I am going away for more days I used to post a thread. Now instead of that, we can post it on the Social Hub section. I will try doing that now on words.
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    I am also at a loss to understand the importance of use of social hub in our site when no one is updating their profile and only editors when give cash credits has a mention in the social hub. Unlike other social media ISC also be made more powerful interaction platform. But members feel that my participating and mentioning in social hub they may not get the points and cash credits and that time can be effectively used in various sections of the site especially the forum and ask experts section and thus some amount can be earned. Probably for that reason the social hub is not effectively used.
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    Social Hub is not an active section as there is no point or CC to earn. It is active with only ISC's Admin messages like cash earning changed, Member level changed. so and so received a virtual gift, so and so changed profile photo etc etc etc. It will be more attractive, if ISC awards minimum one point to each message posted in the Social Hub. Members will be interested to post good messages of information which need no discussion, but appreciation/like/comments.

    @ Social hub is meant for ISCians to share their thoughts. Are we sharing any of our thoughts? It is very pity to say 'Not at all'.

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    The cash related information is used for publicity purpose. Whenever a Member clicks the ''Calculate My Earnings'' tab, the cash earning is shown in Social Hub. But some funny and irrelevant messages can also be seen. For example: "Now I'm busy with my study of math to crack my entrance exam", " Just hoping to meet some old school friends" (seen just now).
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    I have shared my good thought in Social Hub. Just read my latest message on the Social Hub. Should we not share such good thoughts and information in that section?

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    Yes, I have read it. Such a message must be posted in the Social Hub sub-section. Your message is an example of the ideal message for Social Hub.
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    Probably with some modification the social hub could be used for chatting between the members.

    Whether it can be casual chatting or some subject based chatting it is to be seen.

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    I have shared another good thought in the Social Hub, especially for my ISC sisters. Kindly read it and act.
    It is another example to show how the social hub should be used.

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