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    Is it a fact, the more we expose and mingle with the nature, we are habituated and keep healthy ?

    It is the fact that some mothers are very cautious and being only one child in their family, they try to nurture the child in such a way that they wont expose with changing nature and thus the child gets various health setbacks in the course of time. A child must be accustomed to breathe the morning breeze be what ever the season. Like wise during summer also the child must feel the heat, during rainy season the child feel the touch of rain water and during winter, the child feel the cold. All this make the child body prepared to face the future challenges of the same season. Do you agree ?
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    Being with nature is always beneficial, there is no doubt about it.

    The children who are brought out in artificial atmosphere do not get proper growth not only in health but also in their mental faculty.

    Nature is our best friend in all respect if we give our time to it.

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    True Mohan. Nature is God's gift to the mankind. So the more you spend your time with nature, the more healthy you are. I enjoy sleeping on a foldable cot in the open air during summer so that we get a natural breeze and we will have a good sleep. In fact, during my childhood days, we used to sleep in the open air during summer and the area was full of plants. We used to get a good breeze. Those days in those villages we don't have pollution problems. But these days if we sleep in cities like Hyderabad in the open air, we will have more problems due to pollution problems. And as mentioned in #646536, this attachment with nature will make the mankind to have a good and peaceful mind. After going for an hour in the early morning for a walk your mind will be very clear and you will not get any bad thoughts. This is mainly due to your interaction with nature for an hour in the early morning. So we should see that our children will also have more exposure to nature and they enjoy that. In such a case, they will have a healthy life.
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    Right. We are in fact part of Nature, we are not separate from Nature.

    But our lifestyle & culture sometimes restrict us from being one with our true nature. Anything that limits the natural flow, is bound to create discontent & sadness.

    Children, if not allowed to blossom in the natural environment, will be weak & will develop less immunity. Nature has a cure for everything, we just have to allow it.

    Mother's attachment for the child is logical & comprehensible, but it should not become too custodial that even the fresh air is not permitted.

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    You are right. This is the reason why the people living in rural area exposed to the nature live long, and why the people living in urban areas in apartments and flats, and not exposed to the nature have their short life. Children who enjoyed the nature will live long, and children who did not will have short life on earth.

    @ Look at the sun, bear the sun heat; look at the moon and have its cool; drench in the rain; breath the breeze, and you live long beyond 90, and can even make a century.

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    We are the product of the nature & therefore as long as we are nearby to the nature we grow healthy but if in just opposite the scenario we became a sufferer from sicknesses. Our body is so made that when exposed to even the extreme of the circumstances this got adopted accordingly. But there is one limitation that this all doesn't take place at once but through consistent efforts & so we are required to put ourselves in the different atmospheres & difficulties in order to keep-up with the changing tendencies. We need to think in mind that as we do so we become.

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