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    Let us allow our children to follow their passions

    Once in a while we do get to see lovely movies like 3 idiots. This movie was simply excellent and was remade in Tamil, with some minor modifications. It did tell us that if we allow our children to follow their passions, they will automatically make it big.

    Unfortunately, this rarely happens. Very recently, I watched with some amusement a very young boy, just into the first year of college, with English literature as his major, telling his father in no uncertain terms that he wanted to get into music full time. The father would never agree. He told him that unless he had a doctorate in English literature, his career would go anywhere. The boy simply said that it is his passion. He should alone decide what he wanted to do. His mother supported her child, and there was a big argument. There was no conclusion.

    I did not want to say anything, as the boy was too good in playing the guitar and was good in vocal music too, having won several prizes. The father felt that there is too much competition, and his passion can come later.

    However, I felt that the boy should be allowed to follow his passion. Since his English is just excellent, he does not take his lessons seriously, as he always scores good marks without much preparation. (only class tests so far in a prestigious Chennai college).

    What should this boy and millions like him do?
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    This happens many times in many cases. This is mainly due to the apprehensions of the parents. If Sachin's father not allowed him to play cricket we might have missed a great cricketer and Sachin might have been like any other normal person doing his duty and managing his family. But how many parents can think like this?
    I encouraged my son to learn music when he was young. He told me that he is not interested. I accepted and he continued his normal schooling.
    A parent should always understand the talent in the children. I feel he can encourage his son to practice music simultaneously while doing the Graduation. If he is flourishing in that line there is nothing wrong. Education and degrees are not the only answers for a better living. The boy can use his spare time for learning music and as he progresses well I think his father will get convinced and allow him to continue in the line of his passion.

    always confident

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    Yes it is true we should gives our children freedom for their passion most of the parents did not give much freedom to their children even educated people also do like this.

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    Actually, we don't realize that we should not and cannot govern other's life in any way, including our own children. Governing children's life simply means that we want them to live their life as per our guidelines & directives.

    What will eventually happen in this case?

    The child will live exactly the same life as we did, with minor modifications. What will happen to his desires, ambitions?

    He or she will either suppress them or will turn rebellious against the parents & the family. In either case, the child will not have a normal life. And what will we gain (as parents) out of this whole exercise? Nothing!

    However, if we allow our children to chase their dreams, passion or ambition, even if they fail, they will at least learn something, will have a healthy mind & body (with no subdued feelings).

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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    If the hobbies would have given the surety of jobs & better future then the parents would also have allowed their children for pursuing their passions but the problem remains that the hobbies doesn't give the surety in comparison to any degree. It's just like we want to listen to the spiritual leaders but we never wants our children to be one of the spiritual leaders. May be a matter of perception but is the fact. The many great actors & the artists of today have been from the different backgrounds & continued as their passion & became famous.

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