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    Never is there a dull day for this hard working lady

    Making mud pots and selling them is a big business today, as there is a renewed interest in "going back to nature". Those strong mud pots are also used in cooking. Unlike the old times, even a small mud pot costs Rs.150 or more.

    I had recently been to the interiors of a surrounding district. The woman in question and her two daughters were so keen in doing their work. She would hardly speak a few minutes. There seemed to be some sort of assured business as I saw her talking to someone about orders.

    She would not tell me the size of her business or about customers. But hard work is her passion. All that she told me was that she has a passion for this business which is profitable.

    Let us salute such people. In fact, the market is back and there is a growing demand. It is great that such traditional occupations are back with a vengeance.
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    My appreciation to the author for highlighting the hard work of that women who lives and thrives on making earthen pots or mud pots. I can remember well during my grand mother was alive in their village called Thadham Pettai in Kumbankonam , she used to prepare the food in mud pots and the curd is also made in the mud pot. I never tasted such a curd so far as it would be hard in mud pot. The preparation of rice, sambar and rasam goes well with mud pot. But care must be taken to handle it well without breaking. Mind it in those days they used to prepare food by fire wood, the mud pots would get heated up fast and cooking is done within minutes. Therefore the households keep everything ready and then start cooking as there is no chance of bringing the flame low or middle. So the author has taken me to the olden days and I feel even today many Tamil Nadu homes are living with pot culture and that is why the women doing roaring business.
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    That is true. These days earthen pots are in demand. Slowly people started using these items which are made of clay. The durability is less and cost will also be definitely less than other metal items. In my childhood days in our village, there were some families who were making their lives out of making these pots and selling them. But slowly the consumption has come down and hence those families migrated.
    For the manufacture of some ayurvedic medicines the usage of these earthen pots and utensils made of clay are prescribed. So they use a good quantity of these items. So I feel these days making these items and selling them may be a good idea. But we should think of mechanising the process so that the pots can be made quickly and productivity will increase.

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    Slowly slowly we are going back to the old days. This is one good example to prove that. However, in my home, we use only earthen vessel to cook fish curry. There is a vessel called "Mann Chatti" which is used for cooking curries. The fish curry prepared in Mann Chatti has a special taste. My mother who used this "Mann chatti' handed over the same to my wife telling that she should handle it with care. My wife cared it well. That remained with us for over 10 years. Now we got a fresh Mann chatti to prepare fish curry.

    @ Mann Panai (Earthen Pot)samayal(cooking) is very famous in Tamilnadu. Many hotels have come up with Mann Paanai Samayal. And there are many customers for it.

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    Yes,it is true.Natures gift most of the people trying to going back.they have been thinking what they lost by negligence of of nature. Nature has given lots of things to become a man healthy and wise and by gradually they habituated to be luxurious things. During the olden days pots had good enormous role in the cooking part. I had met with doctors last few months back had a discussion about these,cooking,boiling water,making curd all these with mud pots.we can mud made things during summer
    Now a days mud made items have become a passion also. People are finding them in the market and pot makers preparing with colourful
    Generation have been thinking for old and new for better life.

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