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    Have you tasted this panneer soda?

    Many traditional forms of native medicine are still available in many pockets of India, particularly in Tamil Nadu. One such is the panneer soda, which is a sort of soft drink, but is normally consumed to help the person get over gastric trouble or keep fit in the scorching sun.

    A single bottle costs around Rs.9/. There are so many local brands, almost everywhere. In Tiruchi district, it is always sold in bottles. However, in the districts of Vellore and Tiruvannamalai, it is also sold in bottles, which has a pebble in the top portion. One has to push the pebble to drink the soda which is clearly visible in the bottom portion. It normally retails at Rs. 6 to Rs.8/-. This is a thriving local business and there is no wholesaler. The small retail shops ( called petti kadai in Tamil) stock these items, often in refrigerators and get sold by end of day. ( normally a single shop gets to sell something like 200 of these bottles per day).

    The business is booming and it is still a cottage industry. Try this and you will really feel happy. Of course, in Chennai one cannot find it everywhere.
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    Almost everything has been bottled up and sold in the market. Tender coconut water is also available in bottles. Also, palm water (Pathaneer) the juice extracted from the palm trees also available in bottles. I have tasted Panneer soda. It is nothing but pure soda added with panneer essence which gives a good aroma. The manufacturing cost is far less to make good money through sale of panneer soda.
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    Yes we do have this local drink comes in a bottle with a marble (goli) as the stopper and the vendor will push the same and that gives the big sound much to the delight of the drinker and onlooker. These soda were locally made and the gas is filled. But now a days the vendors are having gas fitted with the vehicle, and they just have the chilled water in a soda bottle, fill the gas for few seconds and mix the same with lime and salt. This drink is made in front of our eyes and enough gas would remove the stomach upsets instantly and one would have the burp immediately. This local lime soda is available for just 10 and during summer it is most soft after drink for the poor. I strongly recommend this because it is done in front of our eyes, and the main aim to have the lime soda is to clear the stomach and that is done without having aerated chemical cool drinks.
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    So it made of Palm water essence? How surprising that South Indians have been calling something else paneer. The actual dairy product paneer arrived in India in 16 th century and it was called "paneer" after a Persian word. But apparently the Tamil paneer differs in pronunciation and physicality.
    Even one of the Tamil politicians is called Paneer Selvam (I might be mispelling him).

    Coming to the soda, is this what the Goli Soda is? I have never tasted it anyway. I'll try to.

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    After a long time, I am back on this site. Was busy and could not participate in the forum. Of late, I came to know about paneer ka Phool. It is a herbal flower used to cure diabetes. I also made some research to why it is called paneer ka Phool. I discovered that in a large scale this flower is used in milk to make paneer, because of its bitter property.
    This made me wonder if the drink mentioned is made of the herb or is it a by-product of milk. Or is it the liquid remains of the milk after the milk used for making the paneer soda.
    However, the liquid separated from milk is also very good for stomach ailments.
    It is always good to share the knowledge about these things.
    If anyone knows what is the ingredient used in Panneer soda, please share it.

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    I don't know about panner soda. But soda in glass bottles with a pebble at the neck of the bottle which is known locally in Andhra Pradesh as Goli soda is very popular. The vendors will add some colours to this water before giving it pressure and they call it is colour soda. Now in Hyderabad in many places soda hubs are available. In these hubs the sell soda with various flavours like orange, pineapple. mixed fruit etc are available. Initially, the rate was five rupees. But now the cost is ten rupees. In these soda hubs also we will not get this panneer soda.
    Lime soda with salt or sweet is a very famous drink in Hyderabad and the just made lime soda will taste very good with a little salt or sweet. One glass of lime soda costs around ten rupees. In the summer many people opt for this. Tender coconut water was in demand. But the prices are increased. These days a single piece will cost around thirty rupees. That is why slowly, people started consuming this lemon soda and discontinued coconut water.

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    Paneer Soda is nothing but a carbonated drink, bottled locally. It is similar to the Goti Soda or Banta sold in parts of North India but is flavoured differently. The drink available in the Northern part of the country is usually lemony, while Paneer Soda is much sweeter, and has an unidentifiable flavour. Some say it is Rose flavoured.

    Paneer soda or banta do not have caps like regular aerated soft drink bottles. Instead, the drink is sealed in the bottle using a marble (not pebble). To open the bottle the marble is pushed into the bottle – it remains in the bottle, in a small cavity, close to the mouth. When the bottle is refilled the marble moves up and seals the bottle.

    Paneer soda is basically the poor man's soft drink. It's an alternative to Limca and Seven Up. Since they are manufactured and bottled locally, their QC cannot be determined.

    To know more about these bottles readers may Google Codd-neck bottles.

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    Dear Members,
    The Panneer in Tamil we are discussing here is nothing but Rose Water. It is the essence made out of roses that gives a good aroma. Panner (Rose Water) is used in temples for Abhisekam of idols. Now the same is added with soda and named it as 'Panneer Soda'. We can call it as ' Rose Water Soda' now.

    @ Please don't get confused with the Panneer, a diary product made out of milk.

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    Panneer soda is normal soda with rose flavor and is not part of any native medicine though it is drunk by people when they have some gastric problems. We can get soda in almost all parts of the world in different forms. Apart from bottled sodas and goti sodas, they are now available in pep bottles also. It is nothing rare or unique.
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