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    Is Rakshabandan an Indian Festival or Hindu Festival or Asian Festival?

    We from the south do not celebrate Rakshabandan festival. Hence, I have a small doubt to clear. Is Rakshabandan an Indian festival or Hindu Festival or Asian festival? Does our Muslim and Christian brothers and sisters participate and celebrate this festival?
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    What I feel that Rakshabhandan is a North Indian centrist festival slowly spread to the other parts of the country over the time. In South we celebrate the sister -brother boding festival after the day of Pongal or Sankranthi and that is called the Kanumu. Where in all the sisters including cousin would gather at the mothers place and keep varied colors of cooked rice prepared on a plantain leaf for example Sakkara Pongal, yellow rice, red rice and curd rice. Yellow rice is prepared by adding turmeric and the red rice prepared by adding kum kum to it. So all the four rice are kept in row by each sister praying for the good and healthy life of their brothers. On this occasion the brothers would give larger donations and gifts to their sisters. So we do not celebrate Rakshabhandan as such in South. However when some one insists to join and celebrate we do participate and oblige.
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    Rakshabandhan or Rakhi festival is not a very well known festival in South till recently. Even we in our area never celebrated his festival during our early days. Those days RSS used to celebrate this as Rakhi Poornima. All RSS members used to gather in their office and they tie a rakhi to all the people attended. Even today BMS people do this. They carry Rakhis in the colour of their flag and tie to all known people. This is not for brother sister relation. It is much famous in north India and from there slowly the culture has spread in other parts of the country. I am also not sure whether this is a function belonging it to a particular religion. I have not seen Muslims celebrating this. Many Hindus only will be celebrating this. This festival is in India only but in the whole of Asia.
    We celebrate one festival called Bhagini Hastha Bhojanam (Eating food cooked by the Sister). On this day brother will go to his sister's house and eat food there and he will offer gifts to the sister on that occasion.

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