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    Hanuman and camels? How did camels become Hanuman's mount?

    I know that this isn't norm in all India but I know that in south atleast people consider a camel as a mount of Lord Hanuman. Last Dusshera by a local Bengali family also sported a Hanuman riding a camel, carrying Sita. This was unusual. I've read different translations of Ramayana and none of them mention a camel. Maybe few modern regional versions do but the one by Valmiki didn't.

    Ram was a guy from modern day UP. He must be acquainted with camels. Even today camel tongas roam freely in UP, Haryana and Rajastan. But Kishkinta, where Hanuman lived, was to the south of Vindhyas, probably modern Karnataka. These parts should have been untouched by camels. How could a Kannada Hanuman get hold of a Rajastani camel to call it his mount?
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    From the author's submission there is a apprehension of doubt that camel might have its presence during Ram Rajya and Lord Ram extensively might have used it. And there is also a submission that even today camels are used. So Hanuman is the ardent devotee and follower of Ram and that implies that for him the best mount would be the camel. In fact the Tadbund Hanuman temple in Secunderabad in which the camel is present in sitting posture at the entrance near dwajasthambam and also there are sketches spread over the temple about the possible married life of Hanuman sporting with his wife. But many of us know that Hanuman is the Nitya brahmachari that means ever single person and cannot be having a wife. So we leave it to the believes of the people who are ardent devotees of Hanuman whether he has the camel has mount or he is married ?
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    No one ever saw Lord Hanumam or Lord Rama and therefore what they did or did not, will always be a work of guess.

    Religion, as we know it, is full of man made stories and traditions. And most of the traditions either came up because of fear or out of some profit motive.

    True religion is not the subject of the mind. Mind always distorts facts as per its own convenience and fulfillment.

    The fact is, we (as a mind) when discuss something, which was made by the mind itself, can never reach a conclusion about anything. We either drop the subject or reach a compromise.

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    Hanuma's mount is mentioned as Camel. But in Valmiki Ramayana, we will not come across anything about this. But there are some books where it is mentioned that he used a camel as his mount. In some slokas, he was described as Pampaatheerthavihaari. It means that he used to roam on the Pampa riverside. He met Rama for the first time there. As a camel is fit for travelling on sand, probably he might have chosen the same for his mount. This is what I read somewhere. But Hanuman can travel himself by flying in the air like any other monkey, why should he requires a mount, is the doubt. In fact, Valmiki has not mentioned anything about his mount. So I firmly believe that he is not having any mount. He might have used this mount during some special journey or for a change sometimes.
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    If we can believe that a small mouse is the vehicle of heavy Ganapathi, we can presume that Camel was the vehicle of huge Hanuman. Nowhere in the history, or in Ramayana, camel played any such role to carry a Lord. Now if anyone asks"Which is the Vehicle for Jai Hanuman?", we can simply reply 'Camel'

    @ It is a Funny camel ride of modern Hanuman the great.

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    Maybe Hanuman is a poor victim of pop culture's misinterpretation too. We also know for sure that Hanuman never encountered sandy realms or dunes in his journeys.
    Maybe we'll never know when and why this association occurred.

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