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    Why not separate lanes for only bicycles?

    One often hears that in huge cities abroad, there are tracks for cyclists. They happily use such tracks to cycle to even office.

    Our cities are so crowded that it may not be possible to have such lanes. However, cant some by lanes of important localities be totally banned for everything except bicycles, as there will be less pollution, and one can reach short distances of up to two kilometers on bicycles. In fact, there should be plenty of shops that could rent out such bicycles. If we can somehow implement this in some major cities, at least to that extent, pollution will be less. For instance, in Chennai, apart from the main roads, there are small roads within localities like Anna Nagar. If we can close some small roads and make that available only for bicyclists, the number of people who would prefer bicycles will be more and pollution will be less, for example, to reach Anna Nagar bus station. The police should earmark such routes and implement the same immediately. Of course, alternate roads may be used for all other vehicles.

    I do not know how far this is feasible, but can we give this a try?
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    Yes, that's really a good idea. In fact, bicyclists should be given more respect and freedom on the road. Cycling has too many benefits. It helps us in maintaining our health, helps curbing the pollution and traffic, doesn't occupy too much space for the parking, and doesn't even harm the roads.

    But the question is, when we all known the benefits of the cycles, why do everybody still promote & crave for luxury? We prefer to see only the short term benefits & forgo long term side effects (environmental hazards). What could be the reason for this? Is it not the insatiability, which drives us and makes all the decision for us?

    Wrong ideas & concepts gets faster approval & implementation, as they promise quick profits & comfort. Whereas, right ideas are discussed in detail, debated & then are brushed under the carpet for further deliberation.

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    I do not think that the banning of vehicles on side roads is the answer to road congestion and pollution or whatever problem you want to resolve.

    Implementation of such rules will only inconvenience people. It is an impractical idea.

    Where will people visiting these localities park their vehicles? Do we have enough parking space in Anna Nagar? What will those who reside in those localities do?

    Do you expect people to cycle even in bad weather – rain, sun, submerged roads?

    Not everyone knows how to ride a cycle. People with disabilities and health conditions may also not be able to ride a bicycle.

    Cycle tracks/lanes exist in Chennai, and that too on busy, arterial roads. There is one in Guindy, opposite Raj Bhawan's side gate on SP Marg; it runs along the Lemon Tree Hotel. If you cross Napier Bridge on the Beach Road, near Island Ground you will see a lane demarcated for bicycles.

    What we need is awareness.

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    Separate lanes for bicycles is good and practical also. This will encourage some people to use cycles for a small distance. Many people may travel up to even 5 or 6 KM. So some side roads can be dedicated to these cycles so that people will not hesitate to go on cycles. As mentioned by the author it will help definitely to some extent to reduce the problem of pollution.
    But in our country, people never hesitate to violate the rules and they will try to take advantage of the available conveniences. Motor Cyclists will also use these roads and they start creating problems there with their rash driving and careless driving. Again traffic police and traffic signal everything has to come and slowly people will forget that these roads are for only cycles.
    I have seen in Hyderabad in many places the motorcyclists use footpaths for their travel. If this is the situation even in main roads, what will be the case in other small roads?

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    In not doubt that there must be a common perception which should be developed so as to implement with such ideas wherever possible. During 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, such tracks were created but as time passes these tracks remained no more or with the negligence spaces. It's a concern that due to long distance for the offices for any of us we always prefer to have the fast medium of transportation in order to reach the offices on time. On the other hand even the younger generations don't having attractions for the bicycles but instead want to have the bikes or scooty. We got much to work here.

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    In all developed countries, we can see separate lanes for bicycles. But India is a very populous country and the road-width of major roads including the National Highways is less compared to the road-width of the western countries. But separate lanes for bicycles may be adopted on an experimental basis in some major roads initially in the state capitals.
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    It is really very unfortunate that in our country the governance is very poor and even the footpaths are not laid out properly and not maintained well. Now in this situation adding a cycle lane between the footpaths and road will only create more confusion and traffic rush.

    If we have better traffic discipline and awareness in the public then one such idea can be implemented. I have seen some such attempts in posh areas in Mumbai but those cycle lanes are now nowhere in sight. In fact, no one has used them. They were highlighted during the inauguration of those prestigious cycle lanes but today their is no sign of that left there.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A good thought not fit for Indians and India roads. We do not have sincere citizens who will follow the lane discipline. And we do not have roads where we can provide separate lanes for cyclists. Moreover, no one is interested to ride a cycle and go to their office or elsewhere. Everyone prefers to use a motor bike or scooter or a car only. As suggested by other if roads are blocked for the use of cyclists only, what will happen to the vehicles owned by the residents in that road. How will they move their vehicle from that road?

    @ Impossible.

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    Having a separate bylane for a cyclist is indeed a very good idea. With the rising price of petrol, traffic snarls, pollution and the sedentary lifestyle, it is a good thought to have separate lanes. If the lanes are laid out, people will be encouraged to use more bicycles and at the same time become more health conscious. Children these days are not allowed to go out on bicycles for the fear of being involved in an accident. Often school lanes are crowded with parents using scooters and cars, to drop their d children disrupting walkers. Good bylanes will also help the school children go to school by cycles. Not only they will enjoy the ride, it will keep them physically and mentally strong. Even for small errands, we use petrol or diesel driven vehicles creating traffic everywhere.

    In the developed countries as mentioned by someone, the lanes are very safe. The physically challenged and old men and women also to use them with ease, because the bikes are designed in such a way.

    Although it will take some time for it to happen in our country, I feel it is the need of the hour.

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