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    Is it a good advise to stop engine of your vehicle when traffic signal halts ?

    As the traffic congestion, day by day increasing especially in commercial places as there is long waiting to move your vehicle when traffic signal halts you as there are big banners and hoardings to stop your vehicle to save the fuel of your vehicle. Is it a good advise to stop the engine of your vehicle when traffic signal halts you. Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    That depends on the traffic and the period of wait. If it is more, it is advisable to stop the engine of the vehicle. It is a small gap then it is not advisable. For a better fuel consumption, there are several factors which are to be followed. Going very fast or going very slow is not advisable. An average speed is to be maintained. Too many times and very frequently gear changing is also hot good for a better fuel consumption. The road conditions will also play an important role in fuel consumption optimisation.
    I think instead of stopping the engine every time, changing the gear to neutral and waiting is also can give you some savings on fuel cost. Lesser the fuel consumed, lesser will be the pollution. That is why we should practice all
    good practices so that the consumption of petrol will come less.

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    It basically depends upon the waiting time at the signals. There are signals where it hardly takes 20 seconds for waiting. At such places it does not make much difference. On the other side there are signals where even 120 seconds is a common time. It is a good practice to stop the engine in such situations.

    For individuals, it may not mean much but on a cumulative scale it will be a big saving of fuel.

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    In fact this should depend upon the duration of halt. If the halting time is lesser than it is found to be good to not to switch off the engine but in the case that the halting time is longer with count down being shown in the Red Light then it is advisable to switch off the engine & switch on the engine when the Green light is about to get pop-up. This is important to note that total fuel required to keep alive the engine for at least considering a minimum period of time would be equivalent to the fuel consumption required to switch on the engine. Rest is up to you decide about how you would like to go with it.

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    It is advisable to switch off the engine in the traffic junction to save fuel depending upon the situation. In cities, many traffic junctions have digital boards indicating the time of wait. This helps us to decide whether we should stop the engine or let it on. Also, we should ensure that our engine is in perfect condition to restart the vehicle without any delay with one crank or one kick. We should never stop the engine of old vehicles which may fail to restart. In metros, the waiting time is upto 3 minutes. The fuel consumed by the vehicle will be for a run of 3 kilometers.

    @ It is better to switch of the engine, if the vehicle is in perfect order, and if the waiting period is more than one minute. Petrol is prestigious - Save petrol for our future generation.

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