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    Is judging a student through exams justified?

    We need to understand that student's family background, his upbringing, his environment, culture & state of mind plays a significant role in his academic performance.

    When we judge a student through a test or exam, we actually witness the end result of all of these complex parameters, which were never under his control. So how are these exams & their results justified?
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    Well something has to be on record to show one's past performances & that's why it is required. For me student's family background, his upbringing, his environment, culture & state of mind plays a significant role to their mentality & exposure to the world while the academic performance depends upon the interest of the student. It's quite obvious often that although the child doesn't do good in the academics but is outstanding in the professional life. These are the two extreme circumstances & therefore in the real life the situation would also be existing with either scenario but in different combinations.

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    In addition, the justification of conducting exams for recording performances of the students would be based upon the perceptions of each of the individuals & therefore till the time this has been adopted & given as consent by the society should not be a concern for any of us.

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    But what is the real purpose of education?

    Is it to maintain record of a student's performance in the exam & judge him accordingly or to actually elevate the student (from whatever level he is, academically) and make him stand among achievers?

    Should that not be the propensity of a teacher & real purpose of education?

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    The examinations are more to see how much knowledge the student gained and how best he can utilise the knowledge gained. This purely depends on the concentration and the thought process of the individual. In a house, two children of the same parents will not be having the same capabilities and capacities. A child will be very intelligent and sharp. The other one may be a normal guy. So I think the state of the mind of the individual plays an important role than the other points mentioned by the author. But the other points mentioned will have a big role in his character and conduct. The way of living will depend more on the other parameters mentioned by the author.
    Coming to the method of conducting examinations, many feel that the present system is not very useful. But there should be a system where one can assess the capabilities of the individual in his thinking process and understanding the subject rather than checking whether he can reproduce what is studied and get marks.

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    #646586, the real purpose of education is to make aware the student of the society & the factors led to its existence. The society as we are witnessing today is a very complex phenomena & is influenced with numerous factors which needs to be taken care of separately. And in order to understand this whole the curriculum is prepared in a way so as to let us aware of the circumstances in general. And the examination is nothing but to better acknowledge the understanding of the student in terms of marks & grade being allocated.

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    Once we step into school or anywhere, the background, upbringing, environment, culture and state of mind will not be considered. In school we are taught through the books with a teacher to guide. It is same for all. One book, one teacher, and many students. So, examination is the only means to know who has understood the subject well.

    @ Examination/test is an essential component in any educational institution.

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    I think we should not judge the students according to their marks. Because it doesn't mean that students who have did not scored they are not intelligent and they are not alert. Even people who have fail.

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