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    A new concept in making Rakhi.

    Yesterday was Sravana Poornima and Rakshabandhan festival. All sisters tie Rakhi to their brothers and take their blessings. The brothers will offer them good gifts.
    My two sons every year go to my brother's daughter and she will tie the Rakhis to them and my sons will offer her some gifts.
    Yesterday also the same thing happened. My brother's daughter made the rakhis on her own. She mixed some seeds in clay and applied them on a thick round card and attached another similar card on the top. On the top card, she made some design and glued some beautiful artificial stones. After tieing them to my sons she had given one each one pot made of fibre. She advised them to fill that pot with clay and add the seeds with mud that are available in the rakhi so that the seeds will become plants. A beautiful idea and it should be encouraged as the plantation will give some greenery also and whenever we see that plant we feel that the relation of this brother and sister will be growing. I liked the idea and I thought I can share my joy with you all.
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    Rakhi tied on wrist should be simple and meaning ful, and should have a purpose. I really appreciate the way your family members did it. The seed could be of a fruit yielding tree, or a flowering plant, or a decorative plant.

    @ This would be the cheap and best Rakhi to tie and enjoy the fruit of it later. The world will become more and more green, year after year.

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    This is really a good idea to use handcrafted Rakhis on such a festival. It also gives opportunity to showcase the creative instinct in the family members.

    I appreciate the beautiful idea adopted by your family.

    Knowledge is power.

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