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    A very simple fun quiz from Sun to enjoy

    Dear Members,
    This is a fun to enjoy in the forum that we get bored if we go on discussing things. Why not have a quiz to enjoy !

    I am attaching a photo of a good lady wearing a saree. You need to give the cost price of the saree worn by the lady without browsing through the net. You may consult your spouse to get the price.

    Member giving the price nearer to the actual price held with me will be appreciated and awarded..

    @ Let us enjoy the Saree fun

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    It is a wild guess from my side. The cost of the saree is within the range of Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3000.
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    I feel it will be in the range of Rs.500 to Rs.600/-. I am thinking it will be the cost. The actual price may vary based on the offers prevailing at the time of your order placement.
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    There is a vast many fold difference between Mr Partha and Dr. Rao.
    Let us see the ladies of ISC guess on saree price.

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    Please don't hesitate to participate and guess your approximate price. Let it be a fun for us. Your non participation discourages my enthusiasm.

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    My guess would be Rs. 1800/- or near about. However, as the price depends on the fabric (which is difficult to guess online), it is quite difficult to guess.
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    My good wife told me that the above saree may be worth between Rs 600-1200.

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    The cost of saree varies widely. For example, once I purchased a beautiful cotton sari for my wife at Shantipur, a place in Nadia district of West Bengal, from the loom-owner himself at Rs. 300/- way back in 2004. Later, I found that the cost of exactly the same sari was Rs. 700/- in a famous sari-shop in Kolkata and Rs. 1200/- in a small shop in Delhi.
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    Dear all,
    I expected many members participation in this thread. To my great disappointment, no lady came forward to post a response to this quiz. As the ladies are the wearers of saree, they are the better judges to evaluate the price. Will any ISC lady turn up to tell the price of the saree? Waiting...waiting...waiting....Dear ISC sisters.

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    ISC ladies are very intelligent. They know the price of sari varies wildly. So, they won't risk any wild guess.
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    I am not going sell sarees for ISC ladies to get benefited by less cost or to get cheated by high cost. It is a fun quiz in which they should express the saree cost.

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    From the image, we can see a beautiful lady in a beautiful sari. We can't guess the material from the image. We can't comment upon the padh and anchal of the sari. We also don't know from where the sari is purchased.

    So, the intelligent ladies won't make any guess.

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]
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    This is a really difficult quiz that just by seeing it we have to tell the price.

    Anyway, my guess is that price will be around Rs 800.

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    I am pulling up the thread that starved for more responses from members. This thread will remain open till tomorrow 1200 hrs IST. The result will be declared before 2359 hrs tomorrow.

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    The saree in the photo seems to have heavy work and it cannot be a cheapest one as per my guess. It may cost between 3500 to 4000 as along with good border two color saree seems to be of good quality.
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