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    Job section of ISC can make you rich

    Job section of ISC is a section where you can make money without any thinking to write like the Article section. It fetches you good points and cash credit for every job you post. There are very few members who are very active in that section. They have earned a huge sum from ISC through their concentrated effort to post job vacancies.

    Do you agree or disagree? What is your opinion about the Job section? Why are you not interested in that section?
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    You are correct. We can post the details about some jobs that are seen by us elsewhere. But we have to gather a lot of information about the correctness of the advertisement. Sometimes we will not have all the information about the job and we have to spend a lot of time. It will not add any value to our knowledge. It is more like a data entry. I am not having much interest in data entry jobs. I don't know actually how many points and CC will be given to each posting. I think I have posted 2 or 3 jobs so far in that section.
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    Yes our Pramod was the ace contributor in job section and I used to find him almost all time on line and his contributions in that section was immense. For what reason he discontinued, we do not know but his place was taken over by Ravishankar and later after he was ill and hospitalized, he also stopped sharing in job section. But what I feel that one must have the knack to spot the right source of information which have high potential to give the jobs details and thus it can be loaded. Again the submission of entries in job section was very fast by Pramod and no one has matched him so far.
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    Instead of wasting our time and energy in forum section to score few points and very less irregular CC, why not we put in our best effort to search for jobs to post in ISC Job section to get benefitted by more points and more Cash Credits. A job posting fetches not less than 10 points & Rs.5/- CC .

    @ Let us use forum section sparingly and concentrate to post Job vacancies, to be rich through ISC. If cannot get into Job section, better continue to be more active in Forum section foever.

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    Sometime during my initial days in this site, I could find from a few sources that ISC is more visited by those who seek admission for education or seeking jobs. So these sections are important for ISC and those who contribute to these sections are naturally given better cc . Apart from this as the visits are more in these sections the adsense revenue from these sections will also be more.
    But the ground reality is that not all attempt this section. I tried in the initial days. But just before I posted someone would have posted the same and got approved. It needs not just hard work, but some smart work too. I discovered my limitation and did not attempt further in this section.

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    Yes those who want to make money they can shift to job section but that would be boring as we have to fill on the dotted line without having much work to the brain. And I am habituated to create many threads and that will tie down my interest. Secondly I will be restricting my knowledge awareness which is known more through the forum threads raised by other members. What I say that when we are in job section it can be compared to living in the study room alone and when we are contributing in forum section, we are in the society and exchanging our views and information with others. That is the take,
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    Any ISCian interested to make only money can choose Job section.
    Any ISCian interested to enhance their wisdom and knowledge can choose Forum Section.
    Any ISCian interested to create and write pages can choose Article section.
    Any ISCian filled with doubts, and Knowledgeable ISCian can choose Ask Expert section.

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    I disagree with the Sun's title here. Job section will not make you rich right now. In 2015, it was rich in terms of traffic and AdSense. But from 2016 to till date, job section is poor like forum section. But ISC is giving cash credit to jobs posted in job section to make the section live and to the time invested by the members. The reason for drop in traffic in job section, is not by ranking drop in Google. Job section was not getting huge traffic through Google but referred by job referring website indeed.com . One day in 2015, indeed.com removed ISC job listings in their website and so all traffic and earnings lost. I myself tried to convince the indeed team with the permission from ISC webmaster Tony John and indeed.com refused to include ISC jobs again. Indeed.com has huge job seekers in hand and so traffic was flowing like jet. But after stopping from indeed, ISC job section is like forum section. So the Sun's title will not fit for you all right now. If you want to earn really good money, then write good articles on evergreen topics and earn through AdSense. Note that your earnings will be dependent upon how much traffic you get. So here the difficulty is how to find evergreen topics and how to get high rank in search for those topics.

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    No Section of ISC can make a person monetarily rich, but every Section makes a person informationally rich. Job Section provides more money to the contributors and helps many job-seekers. But we must not state that this Section can make a contributor rich.
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    This thread has provided good insight into the job section and I also have found that job section requires collection of complete information from newspapers and internet. Further the accuracy in job posting is also an important issue.

    In nutshell, job posting requires dedication and concentration and presently the CC being given is also small. So one has to consider all these aspects before venturing there.

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    Respected Editor Jebaprincy,
    As an Editor, you are right, and as a member, I am fully wrong. You have clearly brought out the reality of Job section. Anyway, I am not interested in making money through Job section. I will remain as a forum lover forever. VMT.

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