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    Do we want our children to be the spiritual leaders?

    We like to listen to the spiritual debates & discourses so as to get some peace of mind & feel pleasant from inner self. Many would agree that this too may be the case that we feel satisfied for having their pictures at our homes. This is all true to its fact but one thing for sure that we never have intended for our children to become one of them. Is it? What does this gives an explanation about us then?
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    Making spiritual leader is not the choice of parents. Becoming spiritual leaders is the individual's choice. No parents and no individual will think of becoming a spiritual leader. It is the life after the experience converts someone as spiritual leader. There are few exemptions to this. They are born as spiritual leaders like Swami Vivekananda.

    Swamy Nityananda too a born spiritual leader but could not continue to be a spiritual leader because of his human desire to enjoy life on earth.

    @ Becoming spiritualleader is the individual's choice not their parent's choice.

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    Our chlldren need not become a spiritual leader, but if they are able to understand the essence of spiritualism and respect the sentiments, that is the the great step forward. One of my friend was having a school named after Chinamaya. One day Swamy Chinmaya made a visit to that school and gave a discourse to the children. Immediately the child of the school owner was so involved and intensified with the preaching that he decided to accompany the swamy and he settled with him. So children do have the inclination to learn more and be something difference and they may embrace the spiritualism.
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    To be a spiritual leader, they need to be bachelor or spinster. No parent will like their wards to be bachelor or spinster and a lead a Sadhu or Sanyasi life. Spritual life is a painful life controlling all the essence of life. One need to exercise tremendous power of control to lead a spiritual life. No parent will encourage their wards to be spiritual leaders.
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    #646625, let's assume that you finally have got the reality of this world & want to denounce this world for becoming the monk then will your parents will allow you to become so or will have to go through a great deal of hesitation.

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    All depends on the individual's choice. Parents never want their children to leave all the comforts of life and become saints without enjoying their lives. But if the individual has decided to become a spiritual person nobody can stop him. If all people become the spiritual leaders, there will not be any population problems also. But some people are born to become saints and really they are the great people.
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    Mr. VedPrakashAnand,
    It will be a major decision by a major individual who might have had a family and children and decided to renounce and become a monk. Nothing can stop him/her. Parents will have to let them to go on their way. Even they might fall at his feet and take the blessings of that Monk/Sadhu/Sanyasi. Because, he is a spiritual leader now.

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    Spiritual leaders once they become famous among the society and people, they should respect the position. One North Indian spiritual leader started producing and acting in the movie and that caught the attention of government and then we know what happened. Like wise spiritual leaders should not have relations with politicians. What happened to Jayendra Sarawathi versus Jayalalithaa was the known fact. So what I mean to stress here that if the spiritual goes on with set agenda and target, the followers will support , otherwise they would have to face the hostilities later.
    K Mohan
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    Spiritual leaders are the ones I hate the most. Some like Sadhguru talk sense to a little extent while others' mouths are sewers. These so called spiritual leaders spew whatever they want in front of a large crowd influencing their minds. I would never want my child or myself in that path. To me, no man qualifies to tell me what path to choose when it comes to spirituality. No man qualifies to be an intermediate/medium to divine. No man possesses an answer to all my problems.
    As Chanakya said,"Your belief should be personal". Choose your own path to spirituality. Spiritual leaders are only good to loot.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Today there is a dearth of spiritual leaders like Swami Vivekananda. So, some selfless people may join various orders of monks to become spiritual leaders to show the way to common people. Some very meritorious students are doing this as reported by many newspapers. But I have not thought about my own child so far.
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    If some parents think of making their children as Spiritual leaders, they are preparing to send their wards to jail. To be a spiritual leader, one should have a divine power. Sankaracharya was one such spiritual leader. Is there any spiritual leader present has the divine power? All are cheats and loots. All his followers are bogus leaders. They are like tigers under the cow skin.
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    Do we want our children to be the spiritual leaders – Well, those who understands the path of spirituality would agree with me that it's not about our choice.

    I cannot decide to be a spiritual leader myself or want my child to be the one. This path cannot be a career choice, it cannot be an option, it just happens when it's the right time.

    A true spiritual leader (there are few between us) is one who is not even concerned with what he is, he just flowing with the life. Whereas, there are many others who are not enlightened yet, but entered this path with some malicious objective and paid the price as well.

    If the child is destined to be a spiritual leader, no one can stop him.

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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