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    Do you vote for Electronic voting machines or ballot papers ?

    There has been hue and cry from the various political parties including Congress and Trinamool Congress that the NDA government is tampering with EVM's and many registered voters who were the sympathizers of Congress party in Madhya Pradesh and other states which are going to state polls shortly are removed from the voters list. And the Congress has been firmly asking to bring back the ballot paper voting method. What I feel that EVM voting seems to be developing method of voting and where as when we opt again for Ballot paper, we are pushed to under developed voting method and rigging is hugely possible.
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    There were similar threads earlier and there were discussions on these points. With physical ballot papers, there will be a problem of rigging and changing the ballot boxes etc. But these problems can be eliminated by the usage of Electronic Voting Machines(EVM). The electronic items very rarely malfunction. They function or don't function. Same is the case with these machines also. There are some initial issues and they were rectified. The manufacturing company has confirmed that there is no chance of misusing these machines and they can't be manipulated. The opposition parties comments are not correct in this aspect and my vote is for EVMs only.
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    In many occasions it is proved that EVMs cannot be tampered with and many political parties those who are opposed to BJP are raising the demand for bringing the ballot papers back. Recently as many as 17 political parties came together to demand for bringing back the ballot papers. Even the Congress in its plenary session held in March requested the ECI to use ballot papers in the coming elections.

    Last year the state EC of Delhi rejected the demand of Arvind Kejriwal to use ballot papers during civic polls in the state. Voting on ballot paper is cumbersome and there will be rampant rigging if they are used to conduct the process. Now with the EVMs VVPAT machines will be there which will dispel the fear of oppositions, concerned so much about rigging. One interesting point to note is that the people of this whole country is not bothered about the use of EVMs and they always think that EVMs are far more better than that of ballots. It is only the political parties who fear about the use of EVMs for reasons best known to them.


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    But I am totally against ballot papers as our parties are habituated to easy rigging by hijacking the entire poling booth at the last hour.
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    Getting back to the old age doesn't seems wise.

    One thing is to be noted here that we only had the concerns when the opposition didn't get the vote share or in otherwise case the AVM machines worked just fine. During Gujrat & Karnataka election the leftists had lost of the words but for rest of the election wherein the BJP won had attracted the most cry from the opposition. And therefore the matter is easy to understand here of the actual facts.

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    In addition, doesn't this feel good that any of the political parties who are not confident of the EVMs should withdraw their candidates during the up-coming elections so as to show their wrath & dissociations with the election commission?

    For me, any of the political parties should go on boycotting the election if the election commission refuse to replace the EVMs with the ballot papers. We recently had the similar scenario wherein over 20,000 panchayat seats won by TMC unopposed in May'18. Although the Supreme Court has refused to cancel the election results uncontested local body seats in West Bengal but allowed aggrieved persons 30 day's time to challenge these results by filing election petitions.

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