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    Those were really the best days, they say!

    The best days are yet to come or may have already gone! Few people, mostly seniors, say that things were so wonderful earlier and it can be interpreted from this saying that their best days were spent during the childhood and now life is a chaos. They will blame everything nowadays. Be it education, media, politics, entertainment and even the people around us. It is true that things have changed a lot and with the host of things around us the confusion may have increased about certain things, but are the things really gone down so much?

    Take the example of media. Earlier there were mostly print media and radio. Television came much later and at the beginning there were time slots for programs and it continued for a certain period of the day and not 24*7 that we see nowadays. Now there are numerous channels to choose from and there are options of watching the programs at our preferred time. If we look at the education sector, the options have increased manifold with the choice of subjects and method of teaching evolving day by day.

    Things move on, time changes, we grow older and for few people the happiness remains elusive. They think a lot about the older days and try to find some solace by recollecting the cherishable memories of childhood. I find these people pessimist who cannot see anything good in the new generation. What may be the reason of this kind of attitude among few? Members, do share your views.
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    Yes for the older generation who are still living with the present generation, they find their era is golden and cannot come back for many reasons. That the people were helping and reaching out even without calling for. The strangers are respected and given shelter with food, the relatives used to come one week before the marriages and functions and would help the house holds on every matter. There was total satisfaction about salaries got and the prices of the basic and people could save some money for future. And when comes to learning at the school, the students were totally dedicated and had the fear factor of the teachers as they are likely to be given punishment and that is not there these days. Above all the elders feel that they are left home alone even though many are present and busy with their own gadgets. Yes that is why they feel olden days are golden days.
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    Happiness is definitely elusive for most of us because we don't understand the meaning of contentment. Almost all of us are running behind success without first defining success. As success is not defined (by us), it remains elusive, and most of us continue running throughout the life. There is no happiness or contentment in those people's life. These people think that the past was always good, the present is bleak and the future will be terrible.
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    As long as you have no satisfaction we will always feel that the olden days are good. First and foremost point to be observed in the life is satisfaction. But it is a very rare commodity. Nothing will make us satisfied. When we purchase a good car we will be happy. But the next day when we see a better car on the road we start feeling dissatisfied with our car. The happiness goes and in its place, desire will come. So they say past is better. But if you continued to be happy with your car by comparing the other lesser cost cars your satisfaction will continue.
    In this struggle to get the best of bests, we have to see that we will be satisfied always. and be happy.

    always confident

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