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    What is totally untrue is the truth!

    In Tamil Nadu, we have the Tamil press, whose founders were mostly Brahmins. Yet, these very same magazines have paid glowing tributes to the late leader, Dr Kalaignar Karunanidhi who has been more often portrayed as being anti-upper class and anti-development. Contrary to all public perception, he was never against Brahmins. In fact, his economic advisor was Dr Guhan, a Brahmin and a great economist.

    Dr Kalaignar built several thousands of roads connecting each village to the nearest town. It was during his regime that the bus network became the largest and most prominent in India. It was only during his regime, that Chennai city grew into a IT city in its own right. It was he who built the superb Valluvar Kottam, a memorial for the great Tamil poet, Tiruvalluvar.

    The Orgadam and the Sriperambadur industrial belts were developed by Dr Kalaignar. He never pushed a project if the people opposed it. For example, the land for the proposed second International Airport at Sriperambadur, was mostly fertile land. He gave up the project since the farmers opposed it. Not many know that Asia's largest bus terminal, the Koyembedu bus terminal was his project.

    Sometimes, what is totally untrue is the truth. Dr Kalaignar's public perception was one such.
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    When a leader works for all round development , he is bound to be appreciated from the heart. If Kalaignar has done good works for all the sections of the people , I really applaud that gesture. But Brahmins cannot forget the troubles and challenges meted out by the DMK party in the past and that is the reason being Jaya has to take the plunge and keep the check on Brahmins atrocities. But when some one closely watching the performance of present Chief Ministers working style, surely they would certainly agree with the fact that KCR, the Telangana cheif is the real man who understands all the problems of all the sections and thus reaching out to every one. The latest being the enhancement of salaries for the Mullas and Pujaris. That means he knows the importance of religious safe guarders and hence rewarded them. That is called real development.
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    May be a great man who worked whole hearted way for the development of the State. We should appreciate the good of the leaders who served the mankind. No one is cent percent perfect. Everybody will have some small problems.Those problems should be ignored and we should appreciate the other good qualities. Same is the case with this man.
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    It is because of all these developmental works, glowing tributes were paid by the press to the late leader. From the thread it is clear that Dr Kalaignar Karunanidhi worked for all round progress of the state and had the consensus building capabilities. A society or state can be fully developed if all of its citizens, irrespective of class or creed, are benefited from the developmental work.

    In India, there are instances where a particular section/class of the society is left behind in terms of development and the successive governments keep on exploiting those sections. This divisive attitude of different political parties are a bane to the all round development and the common man pays the price. As for corruption, the truth and the quantity of wealth amassed is always hidden unless it is unearthed by a competent investigating agency. There is rampant corruption among politicians of all the political parties but politicians are mostly remembered for their developmental work and close contact with the masses in general.


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    If real development takes place we should really appreciate it. When he came back to power, as promised he wrote away all loans to farmers to the tune of 7000 crores. He justified this saying that when indiatrialists set up projects they also expect huge concessions. Modi got up the Tata Motors plant near Ahmedabad for the Nano car. Various concessions to the tune of Rs31000 crores was given. No one talks about this. Anil Ambani can happily borrow one lakh crores and demand debt restructuring. Videocon, the GVK group, Jayaprakash Associates and Jindal Steel are other examples where at least 40000 crores is the debt position in each of them. It is my money and your money. We dont know how much will come back. Dr Kalaignar was all for inclusive growth. Yes, to some extent 69% reservation affected the Tamil Brahmins. But very little. Please go throw the admission list of IITs and the NITs. Everywhere it is the Tamil Brahmin crowd that dominates. Yes, Dr Kalaignar brought TCS to Chennai but had no say in recruitment. Please do note, even today it is called a "Tambram" company as it is dominated by Brahmins. The explosive growth of manufacturing companies happened only because Dr Kalaignar opened up so many Government colleges of engg and polytechniches. The MBC classes and the Backward classes have benefitted hugely. It is this manufacturing base that enables GDP growth of over 7 percent. The mobility of people happens because of the huge network. The temple economy is very active on weekends. The State has a culture of its own. Things will happen.

    Even am a Tamil Brahmin. But we need to look at larger social realities. Today the Tambram community is so active at all levels everywhere. Check the list of students at IIMs. The Tambrams still dominate. Each and every family has atleast one US citizen happily settled there. Indira Nooyi of Pepsico, Dr Raghuram Rajan, Sundar Pichchai of Google and our own Dr Subramaniam Swami are all Tambrams. The tribe will survive at any cost.

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    Sivakumar, is your thread talking about the developments that Sri Karunanidhi brought to the state of Tamil Nadu or is it about the caste based inequalities in the state? Please clarify. When you want to say something, feel free to be frank and open up, but of course, without demeaning or insulting others. There is no point in trying to cover your views.
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    Don't demean and insult any leader. All of us must remember this advice/guidance. We must not forget how Late Karunanidhi worked day and night for the upliftment of his family members.
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    Saji Sir, I have not insulted anybody. I just talked about the larger social context in which Karunanidhi operated. It is totally incorrect to say that his own family members benefitted. Social justice was done. Development happened because everyone started studying. Pl do note. Even today there are hundreds of engineers produced. They get some apprenticeship jobs and after some struggle settle down. Karunanidhi wanted to uplift everyone. Yes, Brahmins were affected to some extent. The precise point is that they were affected only to a small extent. Today, every single college in Chennai and elsewhere like Coimbatore produce hundreds of thousands of graduates. They are employed in BPOs in Chennai.

    Am very clear. Social justice has been done. And development has happened. Saji Sir, do you know that Brahmins in Tamil Nadu are less than three percent? Do you know from the early sixties, they have spread throughout India? Do you know that they still dominate the IT sector and manufacturing sector?

    It is not true that Tamil Brahmins alone suffered. Other forward castes also suffered. But today all the social and economic development of Tamil Nadu is only because of the 69% reservation. Of course, many thousands will not agree. But this is the reality. This is the truth.

    Am very clear. Pl do note. Social development goes very well with economic development. In my opinion, Dr Kalaignar was responsible for this positive development. Yes, his family members were benefitted. But that is the norm everywhere. Dave Gowda, Mulayam Singh Yadav have also done it. But Stalin is not a one day wonder. He was Mayor and also Deputy Chief Minister. Please do ask any Chennai resident. They will tell you how much of superb work was done when he was the Mayor.

    I repeat, Kalignar was a million times better than Amma. It was she who spoiled everything. Saji Sir, one lakh crores swindle is not at all small? Am I right Sir?

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    #646731, I never said that you insulted someone. Please read my response at #646717 carefully without being influenced by irrelevant responses/ views.
    "It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."- Epictetus

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