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    Career Chaos - where are we heading to?

    Today, our whole education process just revolves around finding a lucrative job. Parents also inculcate this thought process among their children. No doubt, we are becoming damn crazy about our economic status.

    We are unconsciously twisting our education system into a means to only milk money with no values and no ethics. We are quite oblivious of what we are turning our youngsters into. I am sure; we don't want them to start valuing even the love & relationships in terms of money.

    In this race of career chaos, youngsters often get hard-pressed between their own desire & what others expecting from them. This stress is killing them. We want to skill them, not kill them.

    If a child pursues his dream, he will be happy but others won't. If he pursues other's dream, other's will be happy, he won't. We should allow the child to pursue career of his choice, so that he remain ingenious & contented.
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    We should allow the child to realise his own dreams not others dreams. Then only the child will be happy. We should not impose our wishes and desires on our next generation. We should give them choice but we should be watching them and correcting them if they are going in illegal and unethical ways and means. This should be the attitude of a parent or an elderly person.
    If a person wants to be a doctor we can't force him to become an engineer. We should give him a free hand. But if he is not concentrating on his desire also as parents we should teach him how he can concentrate on achieving his goal. As a parent, we should see that he will be on the path he wanted but it should be a legal path only. Money is important to some extent but it is the not the only requirement in this world. Money may bring you friends but not a real friend who will come to your rescue in the hour of the need.

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    I cannot understand as to why chaos arise in deciding the career. Once the child steps out of school education by passing the 10th class, then itself a firm decision must have been taken on which route the child will go. And once that decision is taken then the basic for the career requirement starts. So the child and the parents must be clear on this issue and they should not change the stance while the Intermediate is going on that is fooling thing. And never fall pray to others advise as more confusion is created and nothing concrete suggestion is given. So you be a own decider.
    K Mohan
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