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    What’s more difficult: Spiritual or professional life?

    Although any of our life is full of struggles but still if we have to differentiate with the two aspects of life then what according to you would be the most difficult life. True to its fact that no one is satisfied with their salaried or business life with their desires never got terminated but kept on increasing throughout their life. But opting for spiritual life too is not easy as this also needs money for our survival. What about you so far in context to the above two scenario? Are you satisfied yet or not?
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    Earning in the world is easy. There are many ways and means to get it. You can make good money by fair means and unfair means also. Ethically you can earn and also earn unethically. So professional life is easy. You can select the profession you want. You can work in that line and get miracles done. This is true for all professions.
    But for spiritual life, there is only one way. There are no shortcuts. You can't purchase it by spending some money you earned. It asks for all ethical ways of living, satisfaction and no desire for worldly matters. These things are very difficult to carry out. Believe in God and worshipping him, helping the fellow human beings and spending a selfless life are the major concerns for the spiritual way. How many of us are prepared for this is the question. One should be above worldly life to become a spiritual person and spend his life praying the good. It is very difficult and a very small percentage of the population only can practice and achieve this, I feel.

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    As long as the desires are too powerful, they govern us and we serve them. Initially desires dominate us. It's the presence of a desire which force us to design a plan, put in efforts, execute it and then finally make us enjoy or suffer the fruits of this whole exercise. This is professional life.

    There was a time when I was too engrossed in my professional life & hardly gave a thought about spirituality. Spirituality seemed a boring subject & a waste of time. Professional life had a flow, energy, enthusiasm; whereas spirituality needed effort.

    But few years ago, something happened which changed my lifestyle & entire outlook. All of a sudden, I found myself reading Bhagwat Geeta & Patanjali Yog Darshan. I started spending too much of my time reading & discussing spirituality. Even the family members got worried about me, they feared that I might turn a sanyasi.

    But all that fear was because of the misconception that one has to renounce family & friends, if one wants to go on this path. Who are we to decide what is to be done? I never thought I would ever turn spiritual.

    But today, spirituality seems so natural & professionalism full of effort & struggle

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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    There is lots of difference between the spiritual and professional life. While those who are following the spiritual path of life, they have to constantly consult the religious books and would further add their own thinking pattern based on the past learning from the Gurus. One thing is sure, a spiritual guru wont tell the lie and what even he shares has the mention in Vedas. Whereas a professional can be from any field and he can talk only on his subject. And some times he may add content that was fictitious. But a spiritual person earns public pride and his personality is hugely regarded wherever he goes. Where as the professional popularity is limited to his known sources.
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    I would say that there is no comparison between the two. We will have to face challenges, no matter which life we choose. The challenges may be different and at the end of the day how we deal with them is what counts.

    I can speak only about my life, as a professional, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister etc., because those are the different roles that I play – that is the life that I lead. It is impossible for me to comment on the struggles or how easy the life of my husband or child is. We cannot walk in someone else's shoes, so we do not know what they are dealing with.

    Similarly, it would be impractical to judge or comment on someone who chooses spirituality over a worldly life.

    Nonetheless, despite my neutral view, if I am still asked to choose between the two I'd say the worldly life is more difficult. And I have my reasons. People who choose the worldly life are responsible for other people and things – parents, spouse, children, siblings, finances, house, the list goes on. They cease to live for themselves, every action and decision of theirs impacts many others. While someone on a spiritual path goes on their journey alone – to find inner peace for themselves.

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    Sometimes people get the idea that being spiritual means that there is no earthly regular things the people do in their daily life. Being spiritual doesn't mean one spends his time entirely on spiritual/religious principles of prayer, meditation, etc. In reality, spiritual and physical/professional are interconnected.

    A spiritual person still has to eat, clean, wash, take care of daily activities, and manage their finances and family etc. In their spiritual work they spend much time in work like meeting up with people, counseling them into spiritual principles of love, sharing, caring, forgiveness, gratefulness, etc. They face deep, searching questions (from others and from themselves) that are not easy to answer. This is where the spiritual connect with the Creator comes into tangible reality; they search the scriptures to see precedents, and if not seek solutions in desperate prayer and divine intervention; and the seemingly impossible situation gets sorted out.

    Of the two, the spiritual is more important, and both are needed to live life. A professional doesn't have to be religiously tagged to be capable of taking care of his workers, interactions, security, environment, and implement channels of discussion and understanding and flexibility to make his company to progress and become profitable to keep going on. If this professional doesn't put into practice spiritual principles, the company can keep going for some time, but at the time of crisis, the people will desert him to find greener pastures and better work environments.

    Of the two, the spiritual life is a lot hard to follow. One has to forgive, to reach out beyond their own circle of people, be available to lend a listening ear, support others who are underprivileged, orphans, the abused, etc. in whatever way possible, stand up for the truth and the oppressed, have a great sense of humor (life gets very tough sometimes) and most of all an active connection to God through praise, prayer and so on to be able to handle the intense pressure and stress that can come with the above list. People expect them to be honest, people trust them with things they won't share with others. The spiritual life person has to watch his mouth to keep from gossiping, backbiting or mocking the trust put in him/her; most of all watch out about getting lifted up in pride/ego with all the adulation and respect shown him. However, in spite of all the real and perceived challenges, every bit of this spirit-filled life is worth it!

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    Well, the concept of spiritualism is misinterpreted. Most of us think that a spiritual life means always praying to god and stay detached from all worldly affairs. Is it really so? Nobody can stay in this world by detaching herself/himself from the events happening around. It is an essential part of our life to be attached with things.

    Always be attached but do not get entrapped to things. To survive, we require food, sleep, breath and calmness in our mind. The money we earn is the consequence of our work, it has no connection with spirituality. We are never satisfied because of our greed and think that spirituality means leaving everything behind and Meditating inside jungle or caves. Spirituality means keeping the body and mind in a wonderful way, so that both of them listen to each other.

    Our body and mind always stay apart. Think of any particular situation. Suppose you are in a party or official meeting. There your are getting involved in them but your mind is fluttering elsewhere most of the time. We need to be in the present moment and it's a practice. Spirituality is not a different way of living, it's an inclusive part of life. In pursuit of happiness people do so many things excepting paying attention to their body and mind.

    The ancient scriptures described spiritualism in different ways and what we see nowadays is described as something exclusive for certain people. But, it's an inclusive part of our life and there is no need to mange both professional and spiritual life in different ways. Adhere to some process and follow the teachings of different monks of ancient times, then we will get a fair idea of spiritualism.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Spirituality does not mean that we will stop working and go for meditation. It is only a method to discipline ourselves and concentrate to find out the exact purpose of life.

    A person can continue his personal and professional life and also embark on the path of spirituality. They can very well go together.

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    It is very much possible to be spiritual and professional at the very same time. In fact, spirituality should be combined with doing good things to as many people as possible at all times. For example, a good doctor, who wanted to set up a practice, went to seek the blessings of the great sage of Kanchipuram, Shri Chandrasekara Swamigal. While blessing him, the great spiritual leader told him to serve the people by collecting the bare minimum professional fees.

    Hundreds of patients get treated by this gentleman, everyday, in his clinic at Mayilaaduthurai, a small town some six hours by train from Chennai. This doctor charges just Rs.10 from each patient. In fact, those who can't even afford this amount, are treated free. This is the ultimate form of professionalism.

    There are so many film artists who donate huge amounts for good causes. The former Chief of Larsen and Toubro, Shri A.M. Naik, has publicly declared that he would donate seventy percent of his earnings to the poor.

    Spirituality does not need any money. Spirituality means doing maximum good to the maximum number of people. If we are able to do this on a continuous basis, I guess, spirituality will fall into place. The moment we deviate from the right path, every problem starts to show its own color. If we pray to God and are also pure in our thoughts, we can easily get over the guilt of making too much money or being rich when we see so much suffering around us. However, of late, since the service sector is booming everywhere, absolute poverty is coming down.

    Yes, it is possible to lead professional lives and also be spiritual. The worst of spirituality is one where some people do all sorts of fraud or anti-social things and then start to pray to God. This is the worst form of double standards and it will take the society nowhere.

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