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    Do you believe in the destiny?

    It's no denying the fact that we all are working effortlessly to overcome the difficulties of life but still only few of us make it possible & the rest continues to struggle for the rest of their life. In a different picture we can be evident of the scenario wherein a baby is born to a very wealthy family while the other has made its entry to a poor family wherein even arranging the food is difficult. It's a surprising fact that one of us is surrounded by the huge resources which are more than actually required but on the other hand there are others who always remained on the shortages. For me this completely depends upon our actions or "Karma". Sometimes we are able to witness the instant reverting on what we do but sometimes the results of our actions takes life time to get reflected in our lives.

    Does the member here have a different viewpoint than the above than pl. share more about your experiences?
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    Yes in fact everybody should believe the destiny because it is going to happen. A hungry person is guided or taken the source of food by other person or through his own intuition shall reach the spot of food distribution. Likewise if some one is need of help for survival, he shall get through some one or the other. Because every one has been born with a purpose and unless and until that is not completed, we are going to survive either on our own or fed by someone who wants our help. Thus this world goes on without even knowing to others as to how some lives are being lived without even knowing to others.
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    I got up early in the morning and got ready. The driver came 30 minutes late. So I lost the hope I can catch the train. Already I have done the web check in. Started and reached airport. The announcement just came that
    the flight is thirty minutes late and I have all the time to get into the flight. How it happened. Some may say it is coincidence. But I feel it is destiny.
    Next time I warned the driver not to come late. This time he came in time. We started as planned. On the way there was a problem.A big road accident took place. There was a traffic problem.The police came and cleared the way . But I was late by twenty minutes and the flight went away. Some people may call it coincidence. But I feel it is destiny.
    We think everything is in our hands. But ultimately what has to happen will happen. So we should believe in destiny only. This is what is told to Arjuna by Lord Krishna in his Baghavadgita.

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    What is written on our pate is the fate that cannot be erased or rewritten. This is what called destiny of a person. Since it is written on the pate, it can not be read and understoood by the individual. The script cannot be read by others as it is written in a language known to God and His associates only. It is my destiny that I should be a member of ISC.

    @ No doubt, I believe in destiny. Destiny rules us.

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    When things we ardently expect and wish do not happen many times, in spite of all probabilities and possibilities and our own work and manipulations;or when things we do not expect happen; then we are compelled to believe and understand that not everything is under our control. The 'thing beyond us' we take as destiny or fate or anything else as per our awareness and understanding and attitude.

    I for one, believe in destiny and in God. I also believe that our ardent prayers to God can help us in reduction of suffering even if destined to suffer.

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    Destiny is a concept given by some of the ancient philosophers to satisfy the curiosity of mankind in asking - why it happens that way?

    It is true that the concept of destiny frees our mind from all other types of speculations and enquiries in the subject. To some extent it is a good thing.

    But from logical and rational aspect, some scientists do not believe in this solution as they see that there are certain unwritten rules and regulations in the nature and the cuous and disorder in the material world leads to events. For a given starting point there can be countless ending points and it is only after seeing one of them at the end of the event we whisper - oh! was it my destiny? So everyone becomes intelligent after the event.

    Science is still in its nascent state as far as the search for the mystery - what is life - is not unravelled.

    Till then the concept of destiny will be comfortably followed by all of us.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Destiny is a belief that there is a hidden power that controls all the future events; fate. Right?

    What if I say that the hidden power is not outside but within us and keeps a perfect record of all our actions (mental & physical) and delivers most fitting reactions to those actions?

    If this is true. That would mean, I can somehow control the reactions by controlling my actions. If I can really see this association (between action & reaction); will I not be able to predict the reactions of my actions, which are nothing but the future events.

    Once I stop my actions, all reactions also cease. That is the state of Nirvana. To go beyond the action-reaction cycle.

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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    Thanking members for their valuable inputs here.

    We have been to the mixed reactions here wherein some believed that something about us has been already been decided & therefore the things are taking place accordingly but on the other hand few have led this to the actions of our own. But again my question is whether the death is predetermined or is the actions of our own?

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    There does seem to be some merit in the Karma theory, particularly when we see some people happily get away with anything and are seemingly so happy, endowed with a huge amount of wealth, whereas the others are all suffering. The others refers to the millions who do not have access to resources.

    Be that as it may, it will be very difficult to attribute everything to fate. If that were so, how is that we find some amazingly interesting and game changing products from the likes of Apple computers? Or from the Japanese? The truth is that except for birth and death, which is totally uncontrollable, destiny is a rather difficult concept to be described. How is that modern medicine has now extended the life span of an average Indian? Is this also destiny? If people were to not take any medicines how will they be alive? Or if modern medicine were not to be there, how will we ever have good health at all?

    There are often conflicting views. Let us other examples. We board a bus hoping that everything will be fine. What happens if the bus meets with an accident and we are gone? This happens. It never happens everyday. Thousands of buses ply between cities at night. An accident is an accident. But if were to be afraid of accidents and totally avoid travel by buses, is that fine? Is that our "destiny". In 99.5% of the cases nothing happens. We have safe journeys. Is this also destiny?

    Regarding Anand Sir's poser regarding death, I guess we also contribute to it in one way or the other. It is no rocket science that those who do smoke and take to booze die quickly. Yes, those who not have the habit of both these vices are relatively far better off. So, it is also very much in our hands.

    Take diet. Doctors recommend very light and somewhat less diet at night. Do we do this? I know several families where the man has the heaviest food possible and the wife and children also have quite a bit of spicy food. Naturally, they are prone to ill health. Their visits to doctors is compounded by the fact that they do not obey the doctor.

    Those who are confirmed diabetics, eat all that they want and do not follow doctor's advise at all. So, it is their "destiny" which they have invited for themselves.

    So, destiny is something that happens to us in spite of all our efforts and not without them. This "them" is nothing but our efforts. Like following road rules. Like not driving too fast. Like helping others. Like not being jealous about others. Like taking preventive action in the face of any impending calamity. Like going for the regular health check ups. Like being kind to not only our own family members but also to others. Like not getting angry. The last one is the toughest of them all!!

    In spite of all difficulties, if we are able to do all the above, I guess, that is also our "destiny". But we would have done what normal, sane, caring human beings normally do. For, if we do not do this, and millions also do all these, there will no good society at all. Then all "destiny" of all people, will be a big question mark.

    So, we should understand the role of efforts. Of our actions. If there is no action, there is no life, Sir.

    Hence, while we talk about the very complex topic of destiny, let us also not forget what we can do with our lives. And then do it. I guess we all do not have any choice. We are all part of the big rate race that will never stop.

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