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    Reasons for floods in Kerala

    What are the reasons for flood that happened in Kerala? Is it negligence on the part of the Government?
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    I have tried to discuss the reasons for the worst flood in Kerala during the last one hundred years in this thread. Kindly go through the thread.
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    The same topic was discussed in many recent threads regarding the reasons for the floods. One can go through those threads once so that the detailed answers will be available. Otherwise the same information is to be written here which is not correct and waste of time.
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    We have discussed it in the past. Anyway, let me put up my seven points for the Author Adipoliachayan.

    1. The nature's fury against deforestation and sand mining.
    2. The failure of government engineers working in the dams of Kerala to control the water in/out flow in time.
    3. The blocking of the waterways by constructing the buildings by the citizens of Kerala.
    4. Non availability of sufficient check dams.
    5. Illegal occupation of lands on the river path.
    6. The greed to store water in Idukki dam to its fullest level.
    7. The God's fury against the jury for the recent Sabari Hill judgement against the traditions of the Lord.

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    Although the flood remains the natural phenomenon but the intensity of any natural disasters like the Kerala flood depends upon the level to which the mankind have intruded into the nature. Simply, as long as the execution of the nature continues will let us face the consequences accordingly with little or no choice left for us.

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    There are many reasons for the floods in Kerala. First of all the state is not having the flood alarm system through which it can evacuate the people from low lying areas. Some of the rivers path which were encroached has been the worst hit areas. And those who have constructed the houses on the hills, have not taken care to have deep foundation and strong pillars as we have seen homes falling like a placard. And finally Kerala must allow all the religions to follow their faith and there should not be disturbance from anyone to stop the faith. This would pave way for new Kerala.
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