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    Why some people have so much anxiety and insecurity in life?

    Some people have a lot of anxiety in life. They always feel as if something adverse will happen and they will be in problem. They will always be worrying for insignificant things in life. Some of them will be so anxious that they will have bouts of depression. The family members are worried for such persons.

    Why it is that some people have this tendency of excessive worrying?
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    This is also a type of health disorder. Their brain will be always thinking about the works that are not getting completed. In that process if they get any small issues also they start worrying. So their mind will be worrying more and more activities even though they are unimportant and they getting tensioned. This tension will give them more anxiety and that will lead them to insecurity.
    My father was having this problem. He was very anxious and in thus anxiety his whole body used to shiver like anything. Initially we thought it was a nerves problem. But the neurologist advised us to go to a psychiatrist. We approached a psychiatrist and he has given him some treatment. In a month he was normal. After that he never got that problem again. He is using the medicines from almost last 12years.

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    Excessive worrying and anxiety is a psychological disorder and if it is not checked in due time it will go on increasing. This type of anxiety creeps in during youth and generally there is a tendency among parents to ignore such issues. Anything which is related to our mind is ignored a lot and study says mental disorder is the leading cause of many disease process. It is increasing day by day and the WHO says in its report that by 2020 this depressive disorder will be the second most important cause of all the disease process throughout the world.

    The most startling revelation in the study is nearly two-third of the people with some kind of mental disorder never seek medical help. There is a social stigma and neglect associated with mental disorder and hence these untreated people are compounding the problem at alarming rate. I feel it is the duty of every individual to assist any person with mental disorder and all family members and relatives of such persons must proactively monitor such cases rather than ignoring these disorders.


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    When someone assumes too much responsibility on his or her shoulders, he or she is bound to get anxious & insecure.

    The whole problem is – we always believe that 'I am the one who is doing this or that". This idea of doer is the whole problem. If I strongly believe that I am doing, than I will also be responsible. And if I am responsible, I am bound to get worried about the end result.

    What if things doesn't turn out to be as planned, what if something goes wrong. All these questions keep bothering such a person and makes him anxious.

    What is the solution? One can start with a question or with an imagination of what will happen, when I am not there. How will those things, which as of now I am managing, manage in my absence? Sooner or later, one will realize that life still goes on with or without me. Once this state comes, things starts becoming normal.

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    This is all the way depending upon the type of back-up that any of us is having. The more the back-up the more secure we are & on just to its contrary we are driven to more insecure feeling if we have gotten with the less back-up. By the term "back-up" we mean the resources at our disposal in the form the bank balance or relationships or other of such kind. In an instance, we make it simple to understand wherein you are away from your home to an unknown place with no one familiar around you then what do you feel about how you would deal with such scenario? Hope so that we have the answer now. In the first place you would be worried of the resources or money or relationship which you are carrying with you & so if you gotten with the enough resources or money in your pocket or relationship around you than its little worrisome with little insecure feeling but on just to the opposite scenario our reactions & actions would be different.

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    Why because those people wont have the courage to face the worst situations in life and they simply run away from the problem or the task given citing their inability to understand and move further. Some people even wont participate in the death rituals as they feel about their death and how it is going to happen and who will care and who will discard. These are the foolish notions of those who are weak heart and wont believe others just like that. They want to live for years without ailments, without problems, and without sadness, which wont happen and that is their bad expectation.
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