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    Why do we give importance to only one historical monument?

    India is a very ancient civilization. There is no dearth of grand historical monuments in north, south, east, west and central parts of the country. We are stunned by the grandeur of Meenakshi Temple of Madurai, Konark Sun Temple of Orissa, historical monuments of Hampi, Khajuraho Temples, Ajanta-Elora paintings, Sanchi Stupa in Madhya Pradesh, Brihadishwara Temple of Thanjavur, Hawa Mahal of Jaipur, Kamakshya Temple of Assam, Unakoti sculpture of Tripura and Martand Sun Temple of Kashmir. These are only very few examples of grand architecture. All these architectural wonders are the pride of India.

    In spite of existence of so many great monuments in the country, why do we give publicity only to Taj Mahal and some other select monuments of Mughal era? Why don't we give similar publicity to other grand monuments? Why don't we stress upon the protection and proper maintenance of all these monuments?
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    The Taj Mahal attracts tourists from all over the world unlike the other monuments mentioned by the author. The tourists after coming to India may visit the other monuments according to their convenience but do not miss the Taj Mahal. That makes all the difference and the importance of the Taj Mahal. India is identified with Taj Mahal all over the world and it is regarded as an eternal symbol of love. The uniqueness of it's architectural splendor makes it stand out above all the other monuments in India. It is the pride of India. It is unfortunate that the Uttar Pradesh State Government and the Government of India had to be pulled by the Supreme Court time and again for their negligence towards the protection and proper maintenance of this world famous monument.
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    Because they earn good revenue for the state from the insiders and outsiders.
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    1. "The uniqueness of it's architectural splendor makes it stand out above all the other monuments in India. It is the pride of India."-------------Factually wrong statement. Taj is nothing unique. Even in Agra itself, Itmad-ud-daula's tomb was the predecessor of Taj Mahal.

    2. "India is identified with Taj Mahal all over the world"--------Precisely that is the question! Why is India identified with Taj? Why not with Konark Sun Temple or Hampi or with Golden Temple of Amritsar?

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    It is because of all the marketing and glorification attached to it. During the early 80's the Taj Mahal was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Taj Mahal was also among the new 7 wonders of the world and gained its popularity because of the accolades it won.

    As for the protection of monuments, the situation is almost same in all the cases. The top court intervened to protect the monument after several litigation and only after this the government seems to be taking some extra care to protect it. Basically, we Indians do not know how to protect or maintain things. We throw garbage everywhere, never follow traffic rules and always blame the other person rather than disciplining ourselves, so it is expected that nothing will work until there is a rebuke from different quarters.


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    In what way the Taj Mahal is not unique? If it is not so why so many people from all over the world visit it? Why is it recognized as one of the wonders of the world without taking into consideration all the others mentioned by you? Why do people not go to the tomb of Itmad-Ud-Daulah? Very few people know it. It may be a predecessor but not as beautiful a monument as the Taj Mahal. Are you jealous of its beauty and splendor?

    ' Why is India identified with Taj? Why not with Konark Sun Temple or Hampi or with Golden Temple of Amritsar?". It is for the obvious reasons. They do not match the beauty and splendor of the Taj Mahal. Let us be happy that such a beautiful structure exists in our country and we all are lucky to have seen it.

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    "In what way the Taj Mahal is not unique? If it is not so why so many people from all over the world visit it? "-------------- I have already answered it. There is nothing unique in the architecture of Taj. When the respected Member would visit Agra next time, he must Itmad-ud-daula's Tomb before/after visiting Taj. People visit Taj from all over the world because of the undue publicity it gets.

    "They do not match the beauty and splendor of the Taj Mahal."-------------Lakhs and crores of people won't agree that other Indian monuments don't match the beauty of Taj. Of course, people of a particular class would agree.

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    Taj is beautiful looking. Maybe because of its marble exterior. I think the proximity to the capital is the real issue here.
    Qutub minar, Taj Mahal, Hawamahal, India gate (though its modern) etc are all near the capital earning attention. Apparently being near the capital they are the very signatures of India. India is very diverse. Each state has its own monumental monument. So it is not even easy to account for the number of monuments in every state, let alone maintaining and recognizing.
    I understand that there are far more ancient and historically significant monuments in the interior of India but those sadly will not reach the same fame in global tourism.

    Now you might corner me by saying what about charminar? Because Hyderabad is far off the capital. By my above reasoning Charminar and other southern tourist spots should be neglected too. But they are not because of the state's patronising.
    Not many of the 29 states patronize tourism. Lately MP tourism and Gujarat tourism campaigns have shown that tourism campaigns do work. Each state must take "Incredible India" seriously.

    Imagine you reached India from Mexico. You would land in Delhi or Mumbai. You would most likely visit Taj Mahal above all monuments. Such is the present popularity of Taj. We need to popularize our lesser known monuments.

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    This is because the Taj Mahal was the symbol of Indian tourism. It is also near the Capital city and has hence received International recognition. Madurai is more than 2500 kilometers away. The political class can always take the visitors to this fabulous monument, famous for its architecture. Even today, the Taj is a case study in many B schools. Most wonder how this monument was built in those days, when Supply Chain Management was unheard of.

    Sir, let us not read too much into the importance given to the Taj. Forget the religion connected to it. Look at it as an engineering marvel. Let us appreciate it along with other monuments. Yes, too much of importance given to it is horrible. But we must learn to live with it. It is the center of all political attention. That is why it is so famous.

    One has to focus on all other monuments that you have mentioned. If the respective State Governments are sleeping, nothing can be done about it. For example, Gaya is a fabulous place in Bihar. (Is it now in Bihar). But is the Nitish Kumar Government promoting tourism at all? After all, tourism can generate thousands of jobs. So, let us focus on developing tourism.

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    The more we talk about an item , the more will be the popularity. Delhi is our capital. Many foreigners visit city for different reasons. As they come all the way from different parts of the world they may like to spend some time to make their visit memorable. For them going far away distances is not possible. With this thinking some monuments near the place were developed and may be this is the best among the lot available around there. That is how Taj might have got a very good popularity.
    No doubt Taj is one of the best monuments but we need not under rate many of the other such places in India. Proximity is the main reason for any site to become popular. The tourism in our country is not well developed mainly due to infrastructure. Many of the places are not having a proper approach and connectivity. If the State governments take proper steps and see that places are well maintained many of the monuments will become wonders of the world.

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    "Sir, let us not read too much into the importance given to the Taj."-------Mr. Sivakumar, the astronomical amount spent behind Taj every year could maintain and protect more than ten grander monuments of India.

    Who is bringing religious angle here?

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    Sir, I stand corrected. Yes there should be equal importance given to other monuments. Let us hope that the Central and State Governments wake up and do something. Am once again sorry. There are some people, particularly politicians who seem to be talking about the religious angle. I did not mean you.

    The fact remains that it is very near New Delhi, the seat of power. Even Mumbai which is a superb city with so much of tourist potential, is not given so much importance. I agree with you.

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    The importance is given by the tourists but not by the individuals like us. What the tourists like that matter. It is their choice. The tourism departments of all the State Governments are making their efforts to advertise all the monuments. Finally, it is the choice if the tourist that matters. The proximity of the Taj Mahal to the capital of India is not the reason for its popularity.
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    Tajmahal is a world renowned monument and is very famous as one of the top tourist destinations in India. That is one obvious reason why our Govt considers it as an important monument.

    The author has shown concern for other such monuments in our country. Yes, it is also equally important to consider the upkeep of other such places which are important in other respect and showcase the history of our country in form of these varying monument at various places.

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    I believe this is because it is situated in the vicinity of the political arena. Who talks so much about this specific monument? Are they not the one who belong to the political fraternity?

    We talk more about those things which are there in front of our eyes. As it is situated on the south bank of the Yamuna River in the city of Agra, close to Delhi. We get to hear too much hue & cry about this monument in particular

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    Apart from its architectural beauty, the Taj Mahal stands as a splendid testimony and symbol for love. A man can't and may not construct a beautiful building like it but the wall hanger of the great monument photographed with his wife would make him feel proud of visiting the great spot with his loved one. That's the beauty of it, in simple terms.

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    Perhaps we are not aware of the fact that the expenses on the maintenance of Taj Mahal is huge in comparison to the revenues being generated out of it & therefore if we speak of it as a profit making monument than it's not true. But still if the same is being pronounced as the most important of the monuments of India then possibly the reason could be the publicity. This could also be relating to the type of mentality that ruled our country after our independence who never respected the Indian culture but had narrowed their thinking to a certain group & communities.

    I too have visited few of the historical places as rightly mentioned by the author like the Khajuraho temple in MP & Konark Sun Temple of Odisha to name a few. These are the splendid monuments but sadly that they never got the appreciation.

    In addition, I would like to appreciate the author bringing up this debate / discussion so as to get some more basic facts of the tourism industry which got limited to Taj Mahal.

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    I visited Konark Sun Temple. It is a UNESCO site. I was appalled that this grand Temple is slowly getting destroyed with time. Exceptional damage was done to this temple by the invaders. But even after seventy years of independence, not much effort has been made to preserve it.

    If this is the condition of a UNESCO site, then we can easily understand what is happening to other Temples. Can one Taj Mahal compensate destruction of these grand historical places?

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    The Taj Mahal is connected to a love story. That love resonates with young and young-at-heart people the world over, because most everyone dreams of love and romance and thinks of how to charm their partner or prove their loyalty to their partner, and if nothing at all, at least a picture with the Taj Mahal clicked away for remembrance. I suppose it goes along the reasoning people watch movies with a story a whole lot more than watch a documentary with often boring facts and figures and content that is just goes over their minds presented by droning speakers.

    People will keep coming to see Taj Mahal even if it crumbles and in ruins, because of the beauty of the story behind it.

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    What I feel that the other historical monuments were either constructed and created after a moment in that era, Taj Mahal stands as a huge monument and a structure to express pure love and affection to the better half of our life. Believe it or not on seeing that mammoth structure, even those who are frequent quarrel monger couple at the home would express love and embrace each other. When I visited alone , during my 5 year stay in Dehi, I felt I should come once with my wife. But that time I was not married. But so far the wish was not fulfilled as after 1985 I never traveled to the North.
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    "What I feel that the other historical monuments were either constructed and created after a moment in that era, ..." The meaning is not fully clear. There are many historical monuments of India which are much older than Taj Mahal.
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    I think that the Central Government and State Governments must formulate uniform tourism policy. Further, instead of projecting only one historical monument of the country, a comprehensive list of twenty-five monuments must be prepared at the initial stage and these monuments must be developed and maintained. The maintenance must be of international level. All these monuments must be projected, and proper tourism packages must be developed covering five of these monuments in each package.

    Many people have become bored by the publicity given to only one monument.

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    The good thing is that the overall perceptions of the commons are changing & we are also sharing the facts & the realities of our history. Few of the facts which politically never existed but due to the technologies & new discoveries, the same exist. One such example is of "Ram Setu", off the south-eastern coast of Tamil Nadu. I am sad & surprised that this hasn't been declared as an important part of Indian heritage but against to this the same was declared as a myth by the previous Congress regimes. There could be numerous such examples wherein the Indian culture had been ignored of or negotiated with in cost of preserving of others.

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