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    When will the political parties behave in a mature way?

    I was just talking to a friend who lives in Kerala and he described in details about the devastation everywhere. During the conversation, it came out that so much politics is going on in the name of distribution of relief materials and a particular political party is trying to get the mileage by distributing packets, where the name of the party is printed, containing relief items. It is well known that politicians indulge in this type of activities during trying times and keep on finding different ways to serve their purpose. It is learnt that the particular political party is trying to foment disharmony between two communities staying in the relief camps. This type of behavior is really shocking and not at all expected during this hour.

    Though the Lok Sabha elections is round the corner and every other political party is trying to garner support to play a major role in national politics, their acts remain deplorable in times of natural disaster. There is a blame game among different quarters and will continue for some time. People will continue to suffer and politicians will try to gain mileage out of this suffering. It seems the politicians will never mature.
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    Yes, it was shocking to find the Amma stickers attached to so many packets of relief material from Tamil Nadu. Though it was the Government that sponsored the relief material, it was so unbecoming of the AIADMK to have done it. This is not the time for any publicity.

    The party, that is mentioned in this thread, I do not know. If it is the ruling party, it needs to be condemned. Even in this time of grief our political parties want to fish in troubled waters.

    In the 2015 floods in Chennai, the ruling AIADMK rowdies and goonda crowd literally snatched away all relief material, stuck the Amma stickers and then distributed the stuff. The Queen of Corruption, the great Amma Jayalalitha did nothing to stop this horrible nonsense.

    One only hopes that better sense will prevail on the parties involved. Beyond this, there is nothing much to say.

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    It happens many times. Everyone try to get additional benefits to their parties by show off. This happened in Chennai after the floods in 2015. The relief measures were delayed as the party Chief's photo printing on the packets is delayed. This is nothing but politics on dead bodies.
    In this respect we should appreciate CM of AP . When there was a big disaster in Vizag, he stood there and brought everybody together and managed the entire show very well. Normalcy restored in no time. He acted as CEO of an Organisation which has been given the responsibility of dealing with the natural calamities.
    I feel all politicians should be matured enough to understand their responsibilities and try helping the people in need without thinking about their parties or personal matters.

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    You see, the point is, as long as the action is driven by a profit motive, maturity & sincerity can never come. Politics has become a synonym of greed.

    It's not that power corrupts, it's the other way round. Only the corrupt seeks power. It's the corrupt mind that seeks power & authority. That is duality.

    People seek control & authority over others & yet want to be called leaders. Leader is one who leads. Leads in the right direction, with a right motive & is ready to sacrifice himself for others.

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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