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    What happens to cell phone drenched in water?

    The guys who repair cell phones are most exclusive people. They would always give the very vague answers. Keep asking them so many questions, and they get very angry indeed.

    Worried that my friends in Kerala are not able to contact me only because their cell phones must have been either drenched in rain or badly affected since they were so much into relief work, the cell phone guy was only keen of literally saying good bye to me.

    What is the actual truth? What happens? Can the cell phones be repaired and if yes, how can we use them? What about their functionality?

    Members who know the technical side of this story, may please do clarify. In the small town in live in, I have lost all hope of getting the correct answers.
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    Nothing to worry if the cell phones are drenched in the water. First of all do not put the phone to recharging to gain the battery strength, and that will ignite the spark inside and the circuits may be blown off. Instead remove the outer cover, remove the battery and keep it under sun to get fully dried. Or use a electric drier to remove the wetness inside the cell phone parts and allow it to the fan air for some time. And then re assemble the phone to see that it is working. Some days back when I was going to Srisailam forest, suddenly the rains picked up so fast and the area is totally forest as we cannot take risk to stop the two wheeler as so many monkeys and other animals are just sitting on the road to snatch the passerby and in that case , we cannot stop the vehicle nor secure the cell phone from rain. So I followed the above way after going home and the cell phone worked.
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    What Mr. Mohan has said is correct. The phone must be allowed to dry after removing the outer cover. Wait for two-three days and only then re-charge it. Generally, this process works fine.
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    I agree. Drying the phone before charging and using is the important point here. Once my cell phone got completely wetted in water. Then I took it to my factory and in the laboratory, I kept this phone on a hot plate for some time. After that I have opened the battery and kept in open sun for some time and dried with hot air drier. Then reassembled and the phone started working.
    These days many phones are available which are waterproof and will not get wetted even dropped in water. Only outside water will be there which can be cleaned easily and there will not be any problem in using the instrument.

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    Don't worry about a cell phone getting drenched. As long as sun is there, you need not worry. Just open up your cell; remove the battery and place them under to sunlight for few hours to get dried completely. After getting it dried completely, assemble it and charge it. I am sure, the cell will work beautifully and efficiently.
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