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    Hats off to these entrepreneurs

    One has to give it to them. The spirit of cooperation. Of hard work. Of their smiles and friendly gestures. Their ability to get into social action. I mean the entrepreneurs from Kerala. There is a sizable community in Coimbatore city. Those who have settled in this lovely city are people worth worshiping. They have learned superb Tamil. It is impossible to find the mallu slang in their conversation!!

    Over to this business. Years ago, the MBA classrooms here, in this city, were up with this question: can the Lays brand from Pepsico, manage to dominate all fresh stuff and local stuff?

    We now have firm answers. The entrepreneurs from Kerala, who have superb businesses in Coimbatore, have this business as well. Just walk along any road. Huge stoves and a big vessel with sweet smelling coconut oil that is never reused. Hot chips fried and given right in front of your eyes. This is a multi crore business. Am told it gets exported to Dubai as well. Am also told that A1 brand, a powerful local brand in Coimbatore city, are owned by people from Kerala.

    Hats off to them. Yes, Lays does sell well. But so do these chips, and when you come to Coimbatore city, never ever miss these fresh banana chips from our Kerala brothers!!!
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    I think the author is mentioning about the Hot chips business outlet being run as the chain. Some enterprising persons as joined as the group promoters and established the hot chips outlets even in Hyderabad and the only difference is that the patoto chips are made from the sunflower oil. And what the author talking about may be the Nendharanga chips, ie ripen banana chips. Yes that would be prepared with the coconut oil only which the taste and aroma of coconut. And our desi chips are no way inferior to the International packs of chips which are having added flavors and colors to which we are not aware. Moreover when something is prepared and served in front of our eyes, is always believed and relied. And regarding freshness, it is better to prefer our Indian made chips and not the packed one as over the period of time the stock becomes obsolete.
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    This is very common in many places. Once the people come and settle in a new place, they will try to learn the local language and slang to see that they will be accepted by the locals for the betterment of their earnings. We see such people in many places around the world. The people from South India are very good in this. I have seen many people from this area in many places excelling in their business.
    The Keralites are very famous for these aspects. Then can get adjusted to local environs very well and get going. That is their specialty. It is good to note that the people came from Kerala are doing an excellent job in competing with the well known brands and winning over.

    always confident

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