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    Our flying performance should not make head strong.

    Achievement in any form is not that easy and needs hard work, sustained training , practice on daily basis and that brings formidable leap in performance and that leads to ultimate achievement with flying colors. But people are carried away by the their superlative performance for the first time and thus become head strong as if they cannot be over taken or beaten by others. That kind of head strong and over confidence would certainly bring selfishness and cunning attitude and that does not go well with a performing leader. So be in your own limits even if you are destined with flying performance in every walks of life.

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    Absolutely right. Success, if achieved through hard work & dedication normally doesn't lead to headstrong attitude. Because the person who achieves all that success & fame knows the true value of what & how he achieved.

    However, sometimes success also comes because it was destined that way (I don't know how many actually believe that theory). But no karma ever dies before reaching its fruition. We can easily test this theory in this life itself.

    If someone is quite vigilant & conscious of his own actions & reactions; he will be able to establish a relationship between the two. And once we know this that all achievements either come through hard work of this life or some past life, the headstrong attitude can never seep in.

    It's the arrogance (a belief that I am the doer) that brings in all the problem.

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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    Yes, Sir. There should be absolute honesty and humility when some one achieves success. The example of MS Dhoni is a fine example. He would never ever do anything that would even remotely suggest that his performances were superlative and so on. He would rather speak about team work and how the atmosphere has helped him grow and so on.

    Another great person who never wears his success on his head is Azim Premji of WIPRO. It is indeed such a great pleasure to listen to his views. He is forthright and very bold in his views. He never minces words when he talks and is very hones to the core. Similarly, Ratan Tata is another person who was widely acknowledged as a very humble person. The list is endless. Let us salute such people and remind ourselves that humility is the one way to move forward in our lives.

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    The fact is very well described. The success should make us more humble and we shouldn't leave our fundamentals and basics. As you grow big and achieve more, you should be more polite and shouldn't be in the sky leaving the ground. A leaf with full weight will never fly. But an empty leaf will fly high. This is the fact of life.
    always confident

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    Very true. Overconfidence is a hindrance to success. At times, when people become successful, few take it as granted. They think they will always succeed and become arrogant. They loose contact with the very basics of life. Rather the real successful ones are those who respect others failures too. Success and failure are integral parts of everybody's life and nobody should loose contact with the ground with the hope of achieving something higher.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    To be able to maintain the right state of mind in success & failure is a difficult thing to achieve.
    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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    The core message of this is very relevant.
    After all the flying one has to touch ground only. So one needs to be realistically humble and devoid of needless pride and swollen-head.

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