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    A disturbing trend on the site

    Of lately, a disturbing trend has besieged ISC, and I hope the management takes some constructive measures to put an end to it. I am referring to the use of definite derogatory adjectives used to describe people of prominence.

    Members are free to have their own political views and affiliations. They must also be free to state facts, as they are. But, to continuously, use insulting terms when referring to certain entities is in certainly in bad taste. I am sure there are better and decent ways that members can choose to voice their disapproval of people in the public eye.

    Should not the members be advised to desist from doing so?
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    Right Ma'am, I agree with you.

    Criticism or derogatory remarks in any form never leads us anywhere. To put forth the facts, is the only best thing we can do. But trying to actually pronounce the judgment is a wrong attitude.

    And if somebody really wants to bring a change, then 'to act' is the best thing we can do.

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    True. We have no right to use abusive or indencent words against anyone, may it be a politician or actor or any undesirable element, especially in ISC. There are many ways to to tell it in a different way and in a much educated way.
    It is the duty and responsibility of the ISC editor to edit such message or response when noticed, or delete the entire message and award negative points with a warning that the member should not repeat it in future.

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    ISC is a reputed site and is being highly regarded in educational and student circles.

    It is imperative that all the members should take care in the language and words while talking about people especially the leaders and top notch of our society. We have no power and priviledge to insult these people as it is not only in bad taste but can evoke retalliatory legal actions from such people of prominence.

    We can only talk about the policies, we have no right to defame a person of repute.

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    This is very true. We have no right to use bad words and remarks against anyone. Everyone will have their own political views and affiliations. We can definitely air our views and differ with the views of others. But we should not go to personal criticism that to with bad words. We all should understand and maintain a decent trend here. That will be good for members as well as ISC also. I hope members will understand this and try to be more reasonable and stop such unwanted words and remarks.
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    I completely agree with the author. Everybody must be careful while choosing the words and we should desist ourselves from making derogatory remarks against persons. We always criticize the politicians/eminent persons for using derogatory comments and must not make the same mistake ourselves while talking about them. This is an open forum where we share our views and express opinions freely and all members of ISC must maintain the decorum while doing so.

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    Yes, everybody must be careful while choosing words to describe any person. Further, we must not criticize any person using derogatory words.

    But the Editors are always available to delete/edit such posts/comments. Why a separate thread for this? Does this thread signify that there is something missing somewhere?

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    Even after pointing out the disturbing trend by the author, the concerned member or the editor-in-charge has not taken any action to correct or edit or delete the ill fitting words used by the member.

    @ Let our forum be clean without any ill fitting words against any human being.

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    #646895, could you please be specific and give the URL of the thread you are referring to?

    Juana, you have brought out a concern that has already been noticed by the editors. We have been doing the needful through editing, PMs and also indirectly, and at times directly, by deleting/ reducing points etc. It is not the case with one member only, we have a few of them who use insulting and derogatory words (some do it explicitly while some are shrewd enough to veil the same) to express their emotions in relation to a person or a situation. I do firmly believe that members have some responsibilities too.

    I assure you and all members on behalf of our team that such languages won't be tolerated. If a member does not co-operate after sufficient feedbacks and warnings, necessary action as deemed fit will surely be taken against such erring members by the Admin at the appropriate time.

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    I think, the author or editor had seen the thread and taken some action to modify or change the words used. Let it be as it is. I take the words of Editor Saji as granted.
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