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    The hardships, pain & the flying moments: How much is the difference?

    If you have to understand the value of a "second" then ask an athlete who has just lost to his competitor from a section of a second. Perhaps I could even make it easier for you to understand that when you get your facts right, the complete effort of whole of your life gone in a matter second. Yes it's true & we have been evident of this many a times. For giving few moments of his performance the athlete continues to go through years of hardships & pain in order to prove their worth & led to wining in the competition but a slight ignorance on their end may cost them with the failures letting them go against of the flying moments of being an achiever.

    This is my entry to TOW contest for the month Aug'18 -'Fly(ing)'.
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    A very good thread from the author. For a flying time (i.e. to achieve success), a long saga of toil and hardship is there. We only talk about the flying moment of Usain Bolt (for example), but we should not forget the hard toil behind this success. Toil and patience brings success in every field of life.
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    Yes while sitting before the television we do comment about the athletes about their miss of gold chance by whisker but actually how much pressure and hard work that goes into the preparation of the game cannot be imagined by the common man. At the sports arena when the question of competing with rival countries and their participants, the athletes does not know their strength and strategy and that some decisions has to be taken on the ground and that would be in fraction of seconds. So next time when a athlete even win a bronze, we must give them a standing ovation because that is also a flying color performance.
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    Any achievement will not come easily. A long toil and sustained efforts only will bring the success. The difference between the success and failure may be very little but the difference in satisfaction and happiness will be very high. Nice thread by the author. All the best to him.
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    Hardship, pain and the flying moments are attached to the same string. It is well defined by the author in this thread. The endurance an athlete has to go through for winning the medal can only be understood when somebody is striving for success. It is applicable to every field and without hardship & pain nobody can achieve the desired goal.

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    The author has emphasised the value of a fleeting moment and what difference t can make sometimes. Good message. Years of hard work and pain can be made or marred in a fleeting moment. Those who applaud or criticise should bear this in mind.

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