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    NTR son and famed Telugu actor and also TDP leader Harikrishna died in a road accident today.

    Today morning we woke up to hear a breaking news that N T Rama Rao son and famous Telugu film Actor Harikrishna died in a car accident at Narketpally in Nalgonda district when he was going to attend a marriage function being held in Nellore. He was driving the vehicle and two others were as present and it seems the car was at the speed of 160 kms and with the impact of car getting rammed into a divider, he fell on his right injuring his head severely and by the time the doctors at Kamineni Hospitals tried to save him , he died. He is the senior leader of TDP also.
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    A very bad and sad news to know. We cannot change the destiny and erase and rewrite the fate written on our pate. It is the uncontrollable over speed of 160 kmph that has taken the life of Mr. Harikrishna.

    @ May his good soul Rest In Peace. My deepest condolences to the bereaved family members of Harikrishna.

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    It was really tragic to hear the news.

    That's right, the news says that he was driving at a speed of 160 km / hour. But considering the luxury car he was driving and the roads we have nowadays (at least the highways are in good condition), it seems something else must have been the reason for the accident.

    My most heartfelt condolences; May God rest his soul in peace.

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    The incident is tragic. In future, such instances should never occur and the driving speed should never exceed the normal 80 km ph speed, which is okay on most Indian roads.

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    A very bad incident. His son was also died earlier in a similar car accident. Hari Krishna is a good politician and famous actor. Jr.NTR is his son. Overspending will make the damage more. That is why one should be careful while driving. He served as an MP and active in TDP politics. RIP to his soul.
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    Whatever be the cause, a news of death always makes one feel sad irrespective of our relationship with him/ her. The tragic death of Sri Harikrishna is a great loss to the Telugu film industry and also his family. He was an active leader of the TDP and the party will also miss his presence and popularity.

    May his soul Rest in Peace!

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    But along with him two others accompanied were also met with accident and their details not known.
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    Very sad news. A very famous film star has lost his life due to rash driving. Feeling sad as well as worried.
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    Rash driving, as it has now been described in most newspapers, is the main cause of this accident. 160 kmph, even on highways is very dangerous indeed.

    It is not correct to drive at this speed. Let us not please call it "destiny" and close the topic. The most important issue is that there cannot be any excuse for driving at that speed. It should never happen again. One wonders whether the traffic police who patrol the highway roads do not have a say in controlling traffic. Another issue is that many celebrities think that they can always drive at these speeds. They are perhaps even influenced by the various movies they act in. Their ego would rather allow them to think that nothing will happen to them. In fact, there are so many celebrities from the film world, who have not only caused accidents in Chennai, but also have been very poor role models.

    Following a hue and cry, things are slightly better. The most important lesson is that we should never drive at such speeds. Period.

    Let us take this message to as many people as possible.

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    Rash driving in some way suggests driver's state of mind. When one is in hurry or disturbed or occupied with other thoughts; one fails to judge one's driving as too rash or crossing the speed limit.

    Usually while sitting on passenger's seat, we occasionally guide the driver to be careful. But when we are in authority & driving ourselves, who can guide us?

    If one can judge himself that he is driving too fast & might prove dangerous, he might somehow adjust the driving to safe limits. But the problem is, we hardly judge our own actions.

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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