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    Where Flying High & Falling down becomes one.

    Flying high (to be successful; prosper) is never easy as compared to falling down. To fly high, you need to have the forte & nerve to face any adversity. Those who dream to fly high, have to face more resistance & criticism and therefore it always demands strong conviction in oneself.

    An Athlete during practice fails (falls down) too many times and every failure is taken as a lesson. Persistence eventually takes him to a level where success and failure (flying high & falling down) both cease to exist, only the Game & the joy of playing the Game remains.

    This is called equanimity. Once the Athlete reaches this level, he always wins; because now he is no more playing to win. He is playing for the sheer joy of playing.

    (My entry for the TOW contest, August'18)
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    For an athlete who wants to be among the top and wants to surpass others always have the aim and control their emotions and concentrations towards that. In one of the racing competition of on going Asian Games , gold and silver were bagged by India and that is very great strategy. While running both the athletes were watching the movements of their nearest competitors and thus they were having good pace and maintained that and hence could be a winner. I really liked that strategy. So here winning was the criteria come what may in between.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Alll failures are steps to success. While practicing the player may fall but he will continue his practice till he will be accomplishing his maximum. This fact is described very well by the author in this thread.
    always confident

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    It's correct. 'He is playing for the sheer joy of playing' . Before that it's toil and persistence which the author nicely described here. Every failure teaches a lesson. It is from this lesson we get the essence of success. No matter how many times you fail, ultimately you have to reach your goal by overcoming all the failures.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Good message conveyed in the thread.
    There is an old film song in Malayalam having a line "....palavattam veezhumbol nadakkaan padikkum..." which means that we learn to walk only after falling and faltering many times.

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