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    One need not always be fly(ing) high in life.

    Yes, even I want to fly high and reach out for the stars. But looking around and seeing the world with a realistic prism, I can say that everyone cannot fly high always, even with hard work and effort.

    In, today's world the pressure to perform is enormous, so much so that children who have not even 'lived' their life are committing suicide because they did not get good marks. Parents set such high targets for children that they have forgotten to give their own children their treasured childhood (that's lost forever running behind ranks).

    Young couples, siblings, fight, separate or even plot to kill because they want all the money, get rich overnight so that they can fly high in life. In the rat race to fly high, many young dynamic people in their 30s are having heart attacks, taking to drugs, alcohol, taking up crime as a shortcut, fight a losing battle with stress and depression.

    Seeing and hearing all this, Yes, I want to fly high, but I want to 'live' my life too. So, I will aim to do so, if I can't come out fly (ing) high in life, it doesn't matter, at least I will be walking consistently in life being healthy, happy and most importantly, being alive.

    My entry for the TOW contest:fly(ing) high
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    We always compare great achievements which is over and above of general accomplishments as flying high in our life. But that does not mean we are really flying high, but in that joy of achievement we should not forget those who are responsible for the elevation and fame we got and thus amounts to going head strong by self thought that personal hard work got the achievement. Even if you hear the gold medal winners of the on going Asian Games , they are humble and dedicating their win either to their coach, nation on on those through whom they got the true achievement.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    One need not fly high always. True. Comparing with others and feeling dissatisfied is never desirable. You try your maximum and be happy with whatever you have achieved. This is the fact to be known to all.
    always confident

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    This thread also exhorts people not to be always in the lookout for high achievements, but be happy and satisfied with the realistic achievements and not to despair on falling slightly short.
    Another thread on the same topic reminded us to remain simple and humble and not to be carried away by our high achievements.

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