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    We can fly on the air, not on the roads

    Air is an open space where we can fly like birds. Our Spacecraft, Aircraft and helicopters fly well on the air. But many try to fly their cars and two wheelers on the roads and bring an end their life. I mean overspeeding on the roads. This should be avoided. We should always drive at safe speed for the benefit of our family members. If we try to fly on roads, our family members will be left in lurch.

    @ Remember, Road is not a place to fly our vehicles. Just have a look at a guy who tried to fly on the roads at 160 Kmph( A flying speed) very recently. Our roads are not sports field for car sports. Indian roads are suitable for 100 Kmph only. Any speed beyond 100 kmph may be a skill, but would also kill.

    @ This is my TOW entry on Fly(ing)
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    This is an excellent reminder on the dangers of flying too fast. The author has correctly mentioned that we should not fly on roads. We need to just drive on roads. At a very reasonable speed so that there will be no problem. The moment we break this rule and start flying on the roads, we will only fly away from this world at all times.

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    Nice contribution from the author connecting the gory accident of road accident occurred due to speed in which famed actor Harikrishna was dead. Yes one can only fly in air and not on the roads.
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    Nice thread. Flying alone may lead to accident alone to you. But trying to fly above the roads on a road will lead to disaster. Many people will get hurt. So one should not allow the vehicles to fly on the road. A good message .
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    The fact of the matter is that if even the big leaders are not following the rules & go on with extra speeding than what we can expect with the commoners. The message is clear with a request to pl. stop playing with your lives because you are not alone & if something unfortunate happens with you then other's life would also get affected & therefore be serious & take care while driving on the roads.

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    While the message is right, the example taken is not right. If possible it may be reviewed and a more general example be attributed.

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    I did my best to review and alter the example in general terms. Hope that would suffice and satisfy your good thought.

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    Okay SuN. I remember having seen a road sign somewhere. 'Speed thrills...but it kills too". Let the sad fate not happen to anyone. Let prudence and caution rule them rather than thrill and needless adventurism.

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    But I think it's not always the adventure or the fun part that takes precedence over safety. Sometimes it's the urgency which compels the driver to overdo the safe limit.

    Although, no urgency can justify the rash driving, because if the vehicle meets an accident, who will take care of the urgency.

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    I appreciate this thread of Mr. SuN because this thread is giving an extremely important and relevant message. Everybody must read this thread and try NOT to fly on the roads in a two-wheeler or in a four-wheeler.
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