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    Is it a good news for vegetarians?

    He was extremely poor. He could not afford to have a single meal in a day. So, he started taking a different type of meal. He started eating fresh leaves and woods of Banyan, Tali and Suck Chain trees.

    Now his bad days are over. He has been earning Rs. 600/- per day. But his food habits have changed forever. He still takes fresh leaves and woods. And astonishingly, this man is very hale and hearty. He is above 50 and he has never visited any doctor. He has never fallen ill.

    Mehmood Butt from Gujranwala district of Pakistani Punjab has astonished his relatives, neighbours and doctors of his country.

    Mehmood Butt has been a really good news for the vegetarians of the world.
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    It is very interesting to know that a person is surviving only by eating leaves and woods. After reading this thread I am reminded of a similar story that I read in newspapers long ago. A man staying in one of the districts of WB used to have only raw vegetables and surviving on that only for a long time. He started having raw vegetables after some unfortunate incident in his family and stopped cooking completely. He used to have all kind of vegetables like, brinjal, gourd, tomatoes, absolutely raw.

    It is indeed a good news but I am not sure whether anybody will come forward to follow his way of eating.


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    Yes, the entire family (not one man) from Malda district used to take raw vegetables. There was a television report also on the family.
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    Very interesting person just thriving on fresh leaves and wood. What I feel that even though he can afford good food, but his taste buds has been spoiled and it wont accept the tasty foods now.
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    This news is amazing. Mahatma Gandhi had remarked that for a man with an empty stomach, food is God. Let us salute this man who lives on fresh leaves. There are very poor people who literally eat spinach which is uncooked. However, this is the first time am hearing of a human being who lives on this rather unique diet.

    Just astonishing is the fact that even after earning a decent wage per day, he has not changed.

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    No doubt, vegetarian food is always better for the health. The more we live close to nature, the healthier we will be (both in terms of Body & Mind). But I think it's not just the vegetarian food which kept Mr. Butt hale & hearty. He must have been too calm & composed during all these years.

    As he was extremely poor, he must have been away from most of the crap we live with. That could also be one other factor which must have contributed to his health.

    Our whole lifestyle is a series of events which are intertwined. If we try to see these events independently (food habits, exercise, stress, desires to accrue wealth & luxury, anger etc); we will miss the whole essence.

    However, to see everything in its totality needs intelligence, which comes from detachment.

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    We heard and read many times that many saints were used to live in thick forests eating leaves and fruits. They were spending time in prayers. They never felt hungry or they never had ill health. They are able to cure the diseases of the people with these herbals. Now we are witnessing such a person. Our forefathers never know various types of these fast foods and junk food. So they are very healthy.
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    Being a vegetarian symbolizes the natural way of taking diets but wherever the vegetation is less available or not available, the alternative arrangements of non-vegetarian foods can be found as essential aspects of the diet for the local residents but still the importance of being vegetarian over non-vegetarian can't be denied of. This is fact of the ages or since the time we came to existence.

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