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    Most of us have some kind of obsessions. Is there really any logic behind obsessions?

    Many have some kind of obsessions like wearing a particular type of clothes on a particular day of the week, following a particular route while going to work, sitting at the same seat at the specific place, etc. It's very interesting to look into each one of these obsessions. Even celebrities do have obsessions with few things. We have heard the stories of different sports persons having obsessions with certain accessories, like bats, gloves, socks and the list is endless. They say these obsessions bring good luck.

    A friend of mine has the obsession of carrying a particular type of baggage in every tour. Now, that particular baggage is torn but he never misses to carry it along with all the other things. I asked him about the reason and he said when he went on his first tour that particular thing was there with him and the tour was really a wonderful one, so he keeps it in every tour. He couldn't explain satisfactorily why he chose that particular item leaving every other things behind.
    According to psychology obsession falls under the category of a disorder and is manifested in different ways. It is also a fact that most of us have some kind of obsession. Then going by the psychology and reality it seems most of us are having some kind of disorder.
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    Yes many of us have an obsession to one strange behavior or the other through which we try to find the luck factor or path to winning position. My daughter was very particular about this. In the exam hall, she wants her close friend to write the hall ticket number and then begin the writing. Like wise she wants to cover the books with the help of her mother so that she feels mothers blessings in the book while studying. These are some example to which some may laugh, but the immense satisfaction the people would cannot be imagined otherwise there would shot back in their routine performance.
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    I think most of the people have at least one obsession/fad/superstition. There is no logic behind such superstition. To the particular person, that is perfectly natural and he/she doesn't want to hear any argument about it. Sometime, the person justifies such odd habits.
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    Obsessiveness is a characteristics of people who are doing a particular action or habit repetitively. Some person may be obsessive of keeping the place neat and tidy and may be devoting a lot of time to it. While there are others who are impressed with some movie star or celebrity so much that they keep every information or thing related to him with them and proudly present it to their friends.

    It is a state of mind in which a person gets solace and pleasure by focussing his activities in a particular channel.

    These people will prefer their obsessiveness everywhere if they get an opportunity to fulfill it.

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    This is hugely person-specific. It all depends on the person and how or she perceives what is right with him or her. There is this very famous Tamil poet, for example, who goes around shopping for the best glass bangles ever in every town. She would wear them in both hands and does make a huge fashion statement, wherever she goes. Many thousands of people religiously pray to God that the most easy questions should appear in their board examinations.

    Hundreds of thousands of people, in various parts of Tamil Nadu, participate in what is called,"theemithiyal" in particular temples. This is a very big belief that God will save them from all troubles. Many of them do not complain at all, and brave the huge fire that is sought to be crossed with the best passion possible.

    It goes on like this. One really does not see any merit or reason behind such beliefs.

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    Obsession is a mania or fixation; whereas superstition is a misconception, a fallacy. They are really two different things. Obsession comes from an intense desire whereas superstition comes from fear.

    Obsession is an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person's mind; whereas superstition is a strongly held but irrational belief in supernatural influences, especially as leading to good or bad luck.

    When an idea or a thought becomes too powerful to control, it becomes obsession. An idea or thought becomes powerful when you are exposed to that idea or thought continuously or when you yourself gives too much attention to it.

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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    The solution is not to give too much attention to anything in particular. One should be impartial to everything, should accept life as it comes.
    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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    May be we tend to do the things which we slightly feel comfortable of & this could be related to "n" numbers of perceptions & as pointed out by the author like wearing a particular type of clothes on a particular day of the week, following a particular route while going to work, sitting at the same seat at the specific place, etc. It's no denying the fact that for most of us the "Saturday" is not found out to be good to start with anything new & even the most common trend is to wait for some time when the cat has just come to your way. In addition, the number "3" & "13" being the unluckiest numbers & so on. The fact is that we are settled with such perceptions & while not limiting to the common peoples, these have even been extended to the biggest of the known personalities on this planet.

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    Superstitions die hard. Once we have a good time, we connect it to something or other and say that is the reason. Many of us believe in Oman. We say a good Oman is an indication of success in the planned work. I have seen people waiting near the gate till a good Oman comes and then leave. There is no logic or there is no reasoning for this. It is a simple belief only. But these beliefs are there from many years and we can't change them. But these days especially in cities we are finding that people are coming out from such obsessions and started thinking with logic.
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    I concur with the response posted by Mr. Manish Nanda. He said it well. Obsession is a will, and superstition is a fear.

    Last year, one of my relative girl presented me an ordinary money purse costing Rs. 50/-. I started using it. The purse had no dearth of money at any time. It always had enough cash in it. I consider it as a lucky purse. Due to regular and constant use, the purse lost its shape and had to be changed. What I did was - I bought a new costly purse for Rs. 500/- and gave it to the same relative girl, and asked her to place some cash in it and return it to me. The luck continues.

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    #646941, If I may correct you than the word "except" has to be replaced with "accept". In addition, although beautifully said but practically not possible because we are living in a materialistic life wherein our desires are many & expectations are high with a feeling of relentless for want of unbeatable in any circumstances. And therefore what the author has come-up with is only possible while the time you are into the spiritual life.

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    This eventually happens when one gets tired of this materialistic world; when the pain & sorrow it inflicts becomes unbearable.

    A time comes when one starts observing rather indulging, when one starts giving up rather than accruing. What I have suggested cannot be done with an effort. It just happens when the time comes.

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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    #647073, well it's a fact & I agree with you of what you have conveyed in the simplest with the use of less possible words that "It just happens when the time comes.".

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