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    Won't it be nice to place the image of the person being discussed?

    Dear all,
    Members raise threads on people who have excelled, awardees, the celebrities, VVIPs, VIPs, actors, actresses, political leaders, sports persons and also the dead.

    While posting such messages, won't it be appropriate if the image of the person is attached in the thread for us to know the person being discussed. Many of us may not be knowing the person. But the author must be knowing the complete detail about the person in discussion.

    @ Members should endeavour to get their image and attach it to the thread.

    What are your views and comments, please?
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    These images are not stored in our hard disks or mobiles but have to be referred to the images already available in the internet & therefore in that case wouldn't it be part of the Copyright infringement?

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    The photo or image of such people can be copied from the net, and posted in ISC forum with a foot note 'Photo courtesy from............ (so and so). Else we can copy them from a book or news magazine or newspaper. In such cases, it will not be considered as copyright infringement.
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    It is good to post a photo of the person or place about whom we are discussing or writing. But copyright problem may be there. But I have seen in articles pictures from other sites but acknowledged there saying that this is from do and so site. Whether the same is accepted here I don't know. The Editors can confirm this.
    I have seen some threads also with photographs.
    A photo will be useful to identify the person. More than that I don't what other benefits will be there by attaching a photo to the thread.

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    Dr. Rao,
    Just take the example of recent incident in which Hari Krishna S/o NTR was killed in an accident. He is a guy from AndhraPradesh and many ISC members might not have heard or seen him. In such a case, if a photo of Hari Krishna is attached to the thread, we all would know him and his image will remain in our heart forever.

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