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    Which is the cheap and best airline to fly? And why?

    There are ample number of airlines operating in India viz Air India, Jet Airways, Spice jet, Indigo, Kingfisher, AirAsia, GoAir, Vistara etc.

    Which is the best and cheap airline with comfort and safety to fly? Please substantiate your answer with detailed justification as to why the airline you choose is the best to fly?
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    As I don't travel by air very frequently, I can't comment upon the convenience and comfort part. But within India, Indigo offers the cheapest fare in the common routes (sectors). However, when I travel for an official purpose, I travel by Air India as it is compulsory for Government officers. The fare of Air India is more than the fare of private airways and Air India provides food without any extra charge.
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    Indigo and spice jet are offering low fare tickets. Jet airways is trying to compete with them. But overall the price war is going on. The flight tickets will be less if you book the tickets very early at least one month before. There are instances where the tickets are as low as thousand also. Air India and Jet airways offer free food on board while journey. But the other companies are not giving any thing free. These days we have been seeing many air travel companies are not able to survive and at the edge of closing down. King Fischer is the best example for this.
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    What I feel that by planning the journey ahead of months, every airplane services are offering wide discount and that is varying in many cases. That means if you have advance booking for suppose undertaking a journey in Dec 18, surely the discount would be hefty and fetching . Some times the airplane rates are very cheaper when compared to the air conditioned fare being charged by the trains, So those passengers who can afford and habituated to air condition travel can always opt for advance journey booking mode and they will be immensely get benefited and that is for sure.
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    I have travelled by Low cost carriers (LCC) few times. But many times I found that there are still cheaper fares available.
    Not all sectors are very cheap. But some sectors become cheaper than train tickets. They come real affordable and cheap at times. One has to be on the lookout for such offers. It may not be possible for all to avail of such offers.

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