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    What if the computer & laptops never had existed or stopped working?

    In an era wherein we are absolutely habitual to the uses of computers & laptops, can we even imagine to live our lives without it? I know the answer would be a big "NO" but like others this thing too can be possible. There were occasions in the past wherein the whole world got stunned with few of the incidences that wasn't expected but actually had taken place. So do you feel that this could even be the case that one day we could be living without this electronic gadget & in case it seems possible then what would be your reactions?
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    The human beings are existing ages together without any electronics. So there will not be any problem for our existence even without any electronic gadgets. May be some major changes may take place in our lives. Even they may be good for lives. We may be able to enjoy nature much better without these gadgets. We all may have good quality time to make friendship with human beings in place of friendship with virtual friends. The kids may play games instead of virtual games. No electronic transfers and no charges for these transfers. We will be good at writing and reading. We need not worry about unnecessary issues by getting half knowledge from google search.
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    We all know that our parents and grand parents and their parents existed in this part of the world and survived without gadgets and the computers. Only in recent past , we have been introduced to modern gadgets and that forced us to rely on it for every thing. What I feel that nothing happens and we have to take time to revert to old system of living. Like visiting the relatives and friends and exchanging the pleasantries personally, going to the bank and maintaining the account, going to the shopping personally and get the things done. So we will get adjusted to the world without gadgets for that no one should have it.
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    1.The cost of the paper and pen would have increased manifold.
    2.Our handwriting must have improved.
    3. Post offices would have benefited.
    4. Telegrams would not have vanished.
    5. Typewriting institutes would have survived.
    Much more can be added.

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    Life always finds its own way. We believe that we are dependent on this or that., but that's not true. Human life did exist when there were no computer & laptops.

    Life doesn't need all these things for survival, all these are comforts, provides ease of working but are not necessary.

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    It's hard to imagine a situation like this, but if at all this happens I think we do not have any other option rather than accepting it. The younger generation and of course we, the members of ISC will find things really difficult. The older generation will not face any problem and may be relieved in a way that their kids are not hooked up to these gadgets which many old people find confusing.

    If it's only about the unavailability of computers and laptops, then things can be managed through mobile and tablets too. But for high end applications there will be lots of problems. If they also become unavailable then we have to go back to the days when these gadgets were not invented and our dependency on things which are almost antique now will be increased. The wrist watch will come back, the old PSTN phones will find a way inside, the use of papers will increase a lot along with pollution. People will become a bit happier because many are tired of using these gadgets.

    With less gadgets and more intelligent people around, there will be a spree to invent new things and we hope to get the benefit of some unthinkable inventions, may be another revolution. Who knows, let's hope for the best.


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