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    Do you take the help of an Auditor to file your IT returns?

    It is our income and our money. We know exactly what we earn, what we spend, what we deposit, what we donate and what we insure. If we know everything about our income and expenditure, and little knowledge about the income return, why should we go to an Auditor and pay him to file our IT return.

    Can't we study, analyse, calculate and submit our IT returns ourself.

    @ Members, Do you take the help of an Auditor to file your IT returns? Why?
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    If the individual is a salaried person and if already TDS is deducted considering all eligible deductions you can submit your returns on your own way. But for the people who had multiple ways of earning, I think it is better to take the advice of an Auditor. I have been taking the help of ourAuditor for submitting my returns always. It is better so that afterwards we wil not have any problems. Even my sons a dmy wife also will take the help of an Auditor. These days online submission has become easy and anyone can do this self submission without any difficulties
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    One of my distant relative is the Financial consultant and Financial adviser and also LIC platinum agent, who is well versed with all new tax policies and he is facilitator for investing , suggesting the market trend on mutual funds and also helps in filing returns and his charges are very minimum. And what I like is the good approach, dedicated staff, who keep reminding through the personal message about the action taken well in advance. And that alert paves way for quick action from our side and after the work is done , again message is passed about the things gone well. So one must have a consultant for good.
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