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    Why few of things got invented by us by this time only?

    The human civilization goes back to millions of years of its existence but few of things like the electricity or the bicycle or the motor bikes or the fountain pen or the ball pen or means of entertainments & communications like the TV or mobiles dates back to only this era. Why so? Why those didn't got invented during the earlier times of our existence? Doesn't this a surprising fact for any of us? This can't be the case that any of the listed above never got any attention of ours or we in actual never had desired of or need of those then why so much late or delay?
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    Inventions happen in peace and humanity until now has only had 200 years of collective peace in our 2 million year old history. Inventions aren't new at all. Steam engine, automated gear using machinery etc date well back to 3rd century BC. Our ancients were brilliant. Stone age came first where humans were hunters and gatherers. Then came bronze age with the first kingdoms. We still live in the iron age. Iron is absolute to heavy machinery. But iron ore was imported heavily even in ancient times. But since the arrival of steam engine we could mine more iron, be more productive, lay out better equipment and used iron in more ways. Steel is pretty old. But as ages went by we could make better alloys of steel and today some form or other, steel is everywhere. Now we had material and equipment necessary. Gradually with advanced scientific outlook, we were able to tap into ancient treasure trove of knowledge and invent much more.
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    It takes some time to settle down. When a child is born, it takes a certain period to attain maturity and then we expect the child to function independently. Likewise when humans came to earth they lived in caves, wore leaves, ate fruits. Later, by experimenting with stones they invented fire and different tools, by cutting and shaping stones, to kill animals to have their meat. After a certain period of time according to necessity they invented different things.

    The engine and electricity are two of the most important inventions that revolutionized the world. It all happened during 19th century and the modern society started the progress largely after these two inventions.

    People might have thought about running the car faster, so horses were used to pull the cars before engines came into existence. It is because of the continuous effort since ancient times that we came to the modern times. Some inventions work as a trigger and after that all others follow at a swift pace.


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    What I feel that Indians on our own had never tried their expertise to the world and they were sulking even though formidable talent was present better than the inventors of the modern era. By the way when a technology or the new invention gets better and gets recognized in the other part of the world, the collaborators would be born and they try to tie up and bring the technology to us. Television, cell phone, modern cars, gadgets are the part this kind of imported know how which slowly induced our Indian companies also to start on their own. Now that the made in India and make in India has been given the wide scope, even foreign country brands are made in India and for India. This kind of opening the economy for others was not present and hence the know how was limited to the people of the country.
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    This is how the evolution is taking place. A human being always thinks and tries to be as much happy as possible. In that pursuit he will be trying to do something or other so that we will get more comforts in our lives. This desire for comforts is responsible for growth of all these modern gadgets required for our day to day journey of life. People can think of betterment than the existing. When people don't have any vehicles a cart driven by animal was discovered. That is how a process starts and go on extending. We can't expect today itself a human being settling on the moon. The journey started and may happen after some years only.
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    Everything that happens in this universe happens only at the right time & when there is a need. Likewise, things were invented only when the time was right & when we actually felt their need.

    Anything which was invented before its time was never appreciated and therefore that invention had to wait till its right age.

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    Even if we talk about Research, the fact is, no research can ever be new. Research is basically Re-Search; something which was already there but was re-searched. How can we ever come up with anything new?

    Everything already exists in this universe. This nature is capable of fulfilling all our desires & needs. A human being can never dream of a desire or need which cannot be fulfilled. We just re-assemble things as per our needs.

    It's like a Jigsaw puzzle. This cosmos has given us all the parts necessary, we just have to arrange them.

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