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    Tow topic entries should not be made public till the last date.

    I want to make important suggestion to the ISC Editors and administration we are regularly conducting thread of the week, thread of the month topic , and also some important discussions based on one event or the other. As long as the tow topic are concerned, the time limit given should be less and the entries submitted should not be made public and the editors should mute the same and on the day of announcing the result, the previous night the threads submitted must be made public. Then that would be the right contest and right way to award prize too.
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    Where should we submit our TOW entry, and how will the editors mute it or hide it? By reducing the time limit, we cannot call it as TOW (Thread for the week). Peculiar and confusing suggestion.

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    I am not clear. Probably he wanted to say that the writings regarding the subject given should be sent by email to the ME. Then the editors will scrutinise and decide on the best one. But how these threads will be visible to other members. I am also not clear about this process. Mohan, I request you to make your suggestion much clear so that your idea will be appreciated. In the absence of clear information we may not be able to appreciate the idea.
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    What I got from the thread is that, Mr. Mohan is suggesting that all contest entries related to a particular topic should not be made public before the last date of submission. When all of the entries are submitted then it will be made public for all the members to see.

    May be he is thinking this will make the system of contest much more transparent, because nobody will be able to see the other member's writing beforehand to get some ideas about the story line or thought process of a particular story. I do appreciate the suggestion, but if we think of it in other way, then the editorial team can always check the entries and if any similarity is found in the ideas of two stories than according to the time of entry, the later one will not be considered for awards.

    Regarding time limit, why less time? Most of the members are professionals here and they must be given ample time so maximum members can participate in the contests.


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    There is nothing to copy or grasp anything from others' contest entry. Everyone chooses a topic of their own choice on the word given for the contest. The best topic posted wins the prize. It gives an opportunity for the other members to think a different topic than the topic posted by others. So far so good, and nothing went wrong with the TOW (topic) contest. Why create something new to the TOW contest now?

    @ Sankalan Bhattacharya: Tow entry is not a story writing contest. It is a word based topic contest.

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    Well #647014, it is not always story writing that I do agree, but my reply was related to the contests in general. Take the case of "Topic for the month end TOW contest for the month Aug'18 -'Fly(ing)'". The topic is given and the members need to write on that particular topic. Here the word count is not mentioned, though it is given that it should not be lengthy like an article.

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    Yes Sankalan got me right. When a topic raised not every one ready to submit the first entry. And once a entry appears,, clues running in the mind and thus varied entries are seen as improvisation. But the first entry got suppressed with improved entries grabbing the prize.
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    In every contest, including the story writing contest, one can read others entry, and have their story improved. It is only the quiz and puzzle contests in which the answers should be hidden to avoid getting copied or stolen. For that, the answers are through E-mail.
    @ I would say that your suggestion is not practicable.

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    We do see the occurrence of different assumptions in the thread but this need to be understood that the forum is flexible enough to make our submissions & later on facilitate us in order to do some editing when required & the same at our own will. And therefore I don't feel the reason for the members for being afraid of being the first in line to come up with the submissions for the TOW entries. For instance, for the current topic of "Flying", I was the second in the list to make my submission but I still having chances of doing editing here if I feel that the same might add better chances of winning the prize.

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