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    Never allow our egos and arrogance fly so high!!

    Every single moment of our life is meant to bring happiness to ourselves and to others. In this journey of happiness, it is vital that we stay within limits and not allow our egos and arrogance to cross the limits. We are so happy when we see our egos and arrogance flying so high.

    Yet, it is precisely this behavior that overtakes most of us. We tend to forget that death is absolutely inevitable, even if we do have huge wealth. We hatch on to rich and influential people. We insult the poor and the relatively not-so-well-off relatives, friends, and even neighbors. We make it a point to get this done in weddings and other social functions. It is our way of saying "Oh here I am" and without saying as much "there you are".

    When we fall sick or do have our own tense moments, we find that none of our friends or relatives hang around. It is their way of saying thank you. Or worse, of telling us that we were wrong. It is precisely for this reason that we are often reminded, as they say in Tamil, "ethai kondu vanthom, kondu chella", by elders who have seen it all. By highly experienced, selfless people who know the balance. The saying simply reminds us that we came into this world, totally empty handed. When we go from this world, we do not take back anything -- birth and death are absolutely equal, to all of us.

    Our flying so high is like the airplane that has to land anyway on the earth. We cannot afford to have our egos and arrogance fly so high. If we remember this simple message, the world will become a far better place to live in, not only for ourselves but for all others who mean so much to others, and to the society at large.

    If we are guilty of such behavior ( most of us do this, at least once in a way), let us remember that we are nothing but airplanes that have to land on the earth anytime. And when we go from this world, the people who are left behind will only remember all the good that we had done to them. Humility, selflessness, honesty, integrity and genuine care for others are values that we should cherish and learn from elders, now seventy or eighty years old. They are our role models.

    Never ever see our egos and arrogance flying so high on any day. This is one message for each human being at any time.

    This is my entry for the TOW contest.
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    Many a time egos and arrogance has played worst role in our progress and also got bad reputation and that made the life miserable for many. Good write up.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Being successful in life and able to create wealth is one part of the story but the equally important part is how to be egoless and down to the earth.

    Flying high does not mean that we become proud and shrewd in our behaviour. A person will be respected in society if he is simplistic in his behaviour and helpful to the fellow beings. Just having enough money does not bring respect.

    The end of life is same for everyone. So it is better to not possess any ego or show off in our life.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Many elders say that as you grow great you should be more down to earth. We should see that our egos and arrogance will not come out to hurt the others and their feelings. If you become arrogant your downfall will start. We should always remember that all these comforts and money will not come with us. After we are away from this world people should take you as an example for good deeds but not the other way. This is the message one should remember and behave properly during their life time. We should see that at least we will have four persons who think us of good so that they will help our body to reach the permanent bed.
    always confident

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    Right message conveyed using the topical keyword.

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