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    What’s good for being an "entrepreneur" or being an “employee”?

    The most important aspect of our education is that since our childhood days to the time that we got into our first job it would be surprised to know that no school or institutions teaches us for being "ENTREPRENEUR", rather we are always taught of being someone having education & degrees in our hands so that one day they we will get some good opportunities in some good companies.

    An entrepreneur is doing much on his behalf who looks after the complete activities although he is managing through with the engaged employees or through other ways of employment. On contrary the employee is engaged with a limited job responsibility with carrying a comfortably 8-9 hours job or go on changing job when required but is not is the case with a businessman. This is not enough but there are other advantages & disadvantages on both aspects.

    For sure that running any business is not an easy task wherein we can be at the losses but earning huge remuneration is also a great experience.
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    That's true that our education system doesn't promote Entrepreneurship. But how can those teachers (who are in education industry) teach such a subject, which they themselves never tried?

    We do not promote Entrepreneurship because it involves too much risk with no assurance of success. Whereas, being an employee is safe, no risk factor involved.

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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    #647076, if I may correct you here than risk is everywhere including in jobs because you never know when the policy of your company changes but yes the risks are lesser in jobs & while its easy to change the jobs but the same is not possible when you are running a business.

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    Our education system is more suitable to develope a subordinate than developing an entrepreneur. Many people who don't know what is management are able to maintain the Organisation and leading it towards success. But an educated youth is going and getting ready to work under him as an employee. Our education system never designed with a forethought of developing a boss. The system is designed by the Britishers. They made suitable for them. But our administrators never thought of making a change in the system.
    It is always better if you are an entrepreneur than an employee. Many of us think it requires a lot of money. But how small people with small investments making the business big. All depends on our thought process and mind set. An entrepreneur has to do a lot of home work and put in a lot of efforts to see that their establiwill get established without any problems. More commitment and belongingness is required for this. One should be ready to face the challenge.

    always confident

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