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    It’s about perceptions which let us decide to go extra miles & achieve success.

    At least I never had imagined of the case that the word "Impossible", in itself is made of "I M Possible" but someone did. So what's the difference here for mentioning so? May be there are two kinds of personalities which is inbuilt to within us & it's up to us decide about to whom we want to give the favor to. The one interpretation of our personality which tells us that "it is possible" while the other interpretation tells us that "it is not possible". Quite simple to understand that if keep on fighting then there can't be any defeat but many of us don't understand this simple fact & bow down to the circumstances from which the others have acquired a huge success that although no more existing but still alive.
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    True. All depends on how you perceive the total issue. When there is a problem before you, it ma y appear very big. But if you go on diving it into smaller issues, finally the issue which is the root cause for the problem will be definitely a small one. It will take time for you to identify and isolate the problem. Once you do it, the problem solving will become easy for you. There is nothing like impossible in this world. Anything and everything is possible. So keeping away from the problem by saying impossible is an act of coward. When you approach an issue with a positive bent of mind you will be able to solve the problem. Instead you hesitate to approach with a negative mind you can't put your complete strength in addressing the problem and you may be left with a defeat. We should be like a rubber ball. The hard you hit it against the ground it will bounce back with the same force. That should be our spirit. We should not be in the defeat for long and we should bounce back and achieve our goal.
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    Perception is an amazing word. It means - the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses. Thus, if you have that capability to observe or perceive things as they are, without any distortion, that itself is a marvelous attribute.

    Most of the time, we see only the distorted image of a fact and believe it as true. Likewise, quite often we believe what we hear without bothering to testify it. And that half information or false information makes things difficult for us.

    A task becomes impossible for us when we already heard & believed that it's impossible. When we proceed with concrete information & facts, everything is possible.

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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