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    Why do we feel hesitation while asking for a leave from our boss?

    This might not be the fact but just wished to query for it in general. Although the employees are allotted with few leaves which the employee can utilize as per their need & comfort but still hesitant for asking the same. My question here is about whether is there any lack of confidence in between or the relation matters most? May be the way we have been maintaining the relation with our bosses plays an important role here. What do you feel onto this?
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    If it is a busy organisation with overloaded work, one may hesitate to ask their boss for leave, though entitled. Otherwise, in a lull and dull organisation, the employee may not turn up but apply for leave after availing the leave.

    @ Working and earning should not be the goal, but also taking leave and meeting our needs.

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    Right, Boss's temperament matters a lot. That decides how comfortable the employees are going to be with the Boss. If the Boss questions a lot, suspects employees intentions unnecessarily, criticizes employees, doesn't give them the freedom of speech & action (within limits), that affects the whole environment of the office.

    Such environment is never conducive for a healthy & trustful relationship. This makes employees nervous & they often hesitate while asking for a leave; because the Boss asks too many questions & make them uncomfortable.

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    I feel we need not hesitate to ask for a leave if we are entitled and if it is required. If your presence is essential in the office, the boss will definitely tell you. He will never hesitate. So we need not think bad to ask for a leave. But intentionally we shouldn't absent ourselves when we are required there. We have to take care of the family matters also as it is also our responsibility. But some people hesitate to take leaves and in the year end they will get the leaves encashed. Many times I used to avoid taking leaves and I always used to face a fight with my wife for not taking leave when there was a need.
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